vegan pancakes

Pancakes are more an American breakfast (apart from Shrove Tuesday here, created to use up storecupboard ingredients before Lent). But there are nicer pancake recipes for fruit to serve with vegan ice-cream. This recipe for vegan pancakes (Rainbow Plant Life) is super-easy to make. Use Doves Farm organic baking powder to make them light and fluffy.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends including citrus, nutmeg, chocolate and fresh dough which can expand in the stomach).

The recipe starts with ‘vegan buttermilk’ (curdling lemon juice into plant milk). Then add other ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt and sugar). Flavoured with vanilla, they are bound with vegan butter (we like Naturli as it’s free from palm oil). Don’t overmix, then cook in a preheated pan. Serve with fresh fruits, vegan cream and maple syrup. Or go totally USA, serve with roast spuds and vegan bacon.

a recipe for 3-ingredient pancakes

3 ingredient pancakes

This 3-ingredient pancakes (ElaVegan) just require oat flour, canned lite coconut milk and 1/2 a banana. You can add baking powder for fluffier pancakes, salt to taste and maple syrup for sweeter pancakes. We also like Michaela’s recipe for apple cinnamon pancakes.

apple cinnamon pancakes

a simple recipe for French vegan crepes

vegan French crepes

These French crepes (Full of Plants) are a wonderful simple recipe to start you on your pancake-making journey. You can make the batter the day before, then once cooked, top with fresh fruits, jam, peanut butter, maple syrup or chocolate. You can also fill with stir-fried veggies for a savoury crepe.

Canadian-style vegan pumpkin pancakes

vegan pumpkin pancakes

Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes (Full of Plants) take a Canadian classic and make it plant-based. Drizzle with maple syrup and top with crushed pecans. Ready in 15 minutes.

where to buy vegan pancake mix

just wholefoods pancake mix

Just Wholefoods Pancake Mix is made with organic ingredients, you can recycle the packaging at supermarket bag bins. Made with gluten-free oat flour, this mix is a good source of fibre. Just add oat milk, mix and enjoy light and fluffy pancakes in minutes. Sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.

go low French crepe mix

Go-Low is a range of low-carb and low-sugar baking mixes, created by a woman who was struggling to lose ‘baby weight’ after having three children  in close succession. The sugar’s removed but not the taste, so you can go from bowl to plate in minutes. The range includes:

French-style Crepes are nice with plant-based yoghurt, granola and maple syrup (or serve with fruit couli and vegan cream). Or even with mushroom sauce. Just add water, plant milk and egg replacer and get ready to flip!

Pancake & Waffle Mix is packed with fibre and healthy fats, to make yummy fluffy breakfast pancakes to fuel all your family for the day. Ready in minutes, just add water or plant-milk and egg-replacer.

banana oatmeal pancakes

These banana oatmeal pancakes (A Couple Cooks) are easy to make a in a blender. Made with almond milk, vegan yoghurt and plant milk, these have no gluten so are a bit more delicate, but should cook up nice, all the same. Serve with maple syrup and optional blueberries (pour them onto the pancakes on the griddle, frozen is fine), jam and toasted walnuts.

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