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Ecological writer Satish Kumar once wrote that ‘unless you know Nature, you cannot love her’. Likewise, if we wish to protect England’s green and pleasant land, it’s important to get to know why. People who drop fast food litter, pollute our seas with oil and hunt our precious wildlife, obviously were never taught all about why our land is so beautiful and precious.

The West Midlands municipal county comprises of three cities: Birmingham is England’s second-largest city and home to England’s favourite meal: the Balti Curry! It also houses Europe’s largest library, a creative community of musicians, artists and jewellery makers and spaghetti junction (a horriblly complicated road network that was built in the 60s, and is a good example of very bad road planning). Just a few miles away is Wolverhampton, home to the friendliest people on earth! It has a surprising number of green spaces and if you need some peace and quiet, it’s a short hop over the border to rural Shropshire. Coventry is the other big city here, which has a sad history due to the blitz which saw heavy bombing during the Second World War.

The West Midlands is not just all urban city living. There are many affluent residential areas including Sutton Coldfield (just 8 miles from Birmingham) including the area of Four Oaks with tree-lined roads  and a tennis court that has been used since 1906.

one of the 3 best places to live in England?

The Birmingham suburb of Solihull was recently listed as one of the 3 best places to live in England. Not far from the city, but a world away too. Packed with historic architecture, it has over 1500 acres of public parks, so is very walkable. But you have to be rich here – prices for property average £1 million and no doubt the most popular car is the Jaguar, as this is where the car company is based.

an area very keen on its football!

Two of England’s most well-known football teams reside here. Birmingham has Aston Villa and Wolverhampton as ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’, known for their dark yellow jerseys and affectionately known as ‘Wolves’. Find tips on how to turn the beautiful game a bit greener.

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