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Ecological writer Satish Kumar once wrote that ‘unless you know Nature, you cannot love her’. Likewise, if we wish to protect England’s green and pleasant land, it’s important to get to know why. People who drop fast food litter, pollute our seas with oil and hunt our precious wildlife, obviously were never taught all about why our land is so beautiful and precious. So here’s a quick whistlestop tour of South West England, to get introduced!

a guick guide to Bath, naturally

Bath is an elegant city, known for its beautiful healing waters and bridges and ancient architecture. It has many free art galleries and museums.

a quick guide to Bristol, naturally

Bristol is a vibrant maritime city, with a strong history. Just 13 miles from Bath, you can walk or cycle it on a traffic-free old railway path. It’s also one of England’s greenest cities, with a strong veggie and indie shop culture.

a quick guide to Cornwall, naturally

Cornwall is a fairly small county with its own language and a windy coastline. It is quite poor, as it relies on tourism, now lots of Londoners have pushed up property prices leaving second homes empty for most of the year. The county is known for its colourful cob buildings and being a surfing paradise.

a quick guide to Devon, naturally

Devon is a large county that spans south, east and north. The south is home to sailing resorts and Totnes (a quirky town) and the cities of Plymouth and Exeter. East Devon has quiet seaside resorts like Sidmouth and the North of Devon is also much quieter, with many quiet seaside resorts. The county is also home to two small national parks: Dartmoor and Exmoor.

a quick guide to Dorset, naturally

Dorset is a large county that is home to parts of the New Forest, along with seaside resorts like Bournemouth and Christchurch. It’s also home to the Jurassic Coast where dinosaurs used to roam! Inland are many pretty villages.

a quick guide to Gloucestershire, naturally

Gloucestershire houses the main town and Cheltenham, an affluent town known for its flowers. It has lots of beautiful forests and is home to the Cotswolds, a series of honey-coloured buildings set amid lovely countryside.

a guick guide to the Scilly Isles, naturally

The Isles of Scilly look more like the Caribbean, but are home to numerous shipwrecks. Know for its painters, the waters are crystal clear and only 5 islands are home to humans, reached from the Cornish coast. Birds often stop off here for a rest, on their migration

a quick guide to Somerset, naturally

Somerset is a large county with a stunning coastline and many seaside resorts including Weston-Super-Mare (one of the highest tidal ranges in the world, but be careful due to sinking mud). Inland there are many pretty villages, which are popular with tourists. Home to scrumpy (cider!)

a quick guide to Wiltshire, naturally

Wiltshire is a mostly rural county and it’s also home to Salisbury Cathedral (American writer Bill Bryson calls this the most beautiful building in England). It’s also home to Stonehenge, a natural wonder of stones (no-one to this day knows how they got there!)

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