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JustPark is a far smarter way to find a parking space if you drive. Rather than pay big car parks huge amounts of money to park at airport, you simply join up and use the app to find people who earn passive income, to rent out their garage, driveway or even small offices (or spare spaces in hotel car parks) that have empty spaces at weekends or in low season. They earn money from space that’s not being used, and you save a fortune on parking spaces. Sometimes it costs more to park your car at the airport, than it does to go on holiday.

Councils are always saying they don’t have any money – so why don’t they use this app to rent out their extensive council car parks at weekends (when most staff are not working)? The general public could save a fortune, and it’s a no-brainer way for them to earn cash – JustPark works with forward-thinking authorities to do just this. Some parking space owners are earning up to £4K passive income per year. Just think how much money councils could earn if they rented out unused spaces at weekends, which could then be spent on community projects like walkable communities and litter clean-ups.

Just enter the postcode and the app will find hundreds of nearby spaces ready to rent out. You’ll save 30% on average. Trusted by millions, just look up where you need to park and then pay in advance by app or online. You can also rent (or rent out) EV charging spaces.

why is England’s parking so dire?

One way to free up thousands of car parking spaces is for more people to join car-sharing clubs. This is when one car is used by around 20 people throughout the day (the car club pays for the car and everything else, with users just renting the car by the hour). This then obviously frees up 19 cars off the road, as the one car is constantly in use (unlike most cars that sit on the road immobile for 96% of the time). The cars are regularly serviced and replaced by new greener models, and this would nationwide have huge effects in helping to reduce road traffic.

Another reason why our parking is so bad, is because councils give licenses to huge multi-storey car parks, which blight local areas. And many councils also don’t give change, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds of unearned income, when people have to put in more money than is necessary, in order to park their cars.

why do hospitals charge so much for parking?

One issue that makes many people very angry, is the huge costs earned by hospitals for charging at car parks, collectively earning around £400,000 each day. Not only is this almost impossible to pay for poor and elderly relatives visiting, but often it’s the most vulnerable in society that keep paying the charges, especially if visiting relatives that have been in hospital for a long stay. Prices have risen by 50% in just a year. And it’s not just patients. Hospital staff (some nurses are visiting food banks due to rising costs) are having to pay high fines too, just to get to work to do a job they love. The car parks argue that they are recouping money lost during COVID (when they could not charge) and that they sometimes spend money reinvesting back into the hospitals. The fact remains that people can’t afford the money to pay the charges, so something needs to change. One obvious solution would be to plan new hospitals within walking distance of the towns (something that happens abroad). Instead of building big hospitals way out-of-range for those without access to public transport. So cars are then needed.

Another issue is that due to staff shortages and massive ill health, waiting times are often several hours in hospitals, even at A & E departments. So if the visit is not a medical emergency that needed an ambulance, visitors and patients sometimes have to wait for hours to see a doctor. And even if the injury turns out not to be serious, there is then a serious dent in someone’s finances, simply because they needed to visit a hospital emergency department, on a GP’s advice.

Motorfinity compared the prices nationwide of hospital car parking charges. The most expensive hospital in London was charging almost £80 for 24 hours (and almost £20 for 6 hours – likely the average time for a wait at A & E in the city). Yet Newcastle hospitals were also almost as expensive, with arguably a much lower average income.

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