Oggs aquafaba

Aquafaba (Latin for ‘bean water’) is the recent discovery that if you whizz up brine water from canned chickpeas with a little sugar, it turns into vegan meringue! This has led to many recipes and books. You can also buy ready-made aquafaba from Oggs (also sold in packs for professional chefs). Recycle packaging at supermarket bag bins, if your kerbside doesn’t recycle.

vegan chocolate mousse cake

Or make it yourself to make recipes like this vegan chocolate mousse cake (Lazy Cat Kitchen). Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets.

why don’t vegans eat eggs?

Even free-range eggs sometimes are from farmers who kill male chicks at birth (no financial value) or kill older hens when laying slows down. Commercial farming tends to rush when sexing the chicks, so sometimes they get mixed up. This is what happened during the pandemic when one woman bought three duck eggs (presumed unfertilised) from Waitrose. But they hatched (thankfully she knew what she was doing). She named them Beep, Peep & Meep!

If you eat eggs, know your labels. The only one to trust is ‘certified free-range organic’ (ignore anything that says barn eggs, cage-free etc). Your best bet is to find a friendly farmer, so you know exactly how hens and chicks are kept.

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