vegan funfetti cake

Sometimes you want to push the boat out, say for a birthday cake. But rather than buy a plastic-wrapped cake in stores made with animal ingredients, palm oil and refined sugar, why not make your own? This vegan funfetti cake (Crowded Kitchen) has three layers, with a vanilla buttercream (made with organic powdered sugar to avoid eggs). The cake uses vegan butter (so choose a palm-oil-free version and applesauce, to help retain moisture.

Keep celebration cakes away from pets, due to citrus, nutmeg, nuts, chocolate etc. Read food safety for people & pets.

Never just ‘veganise’ a cake recipe, because it’s a complete different science (it’s okay to whizz up a curry by eyeballing ingredients, but not vegan cookies or cakes – get the scales out). The main alternative is to mix baking soda and lemon juice which creates a chemical reaction, so baked goods rise. Once mixed, get your cake batter in the oven fast, as it starts working immediately!

Sprinkles (aka hundreds and thousands) are usually made with dead red insects, beeswax or chemicals. This post has a good overview of the best natural brands and recipes. Or leave them out.

vegan fairy cakes

Vegan Fairy Cakes (The Veg Space) are very simple to make mini sponge cakes, topped with icing and hundreds and thousands sprinkles.

books to bake a vegan celebration cake

decadent vegan cakes

Vegan baking is an exact science (don’t just sub one ingredient for another or you’ll likely be disappointed). However, it’s pretty easy to create cakes and bakes with plant-based ingredients once you know the rules. Here are some wonderful books to help you do just that!

Decadent Vegan Cakes is an outstanding selection of cakes by a popular recipe blogger, from layer cakes to tasty loaf cakes that are ready in no time at all. Learn to make:

  1. Gingerbread latte layer cake
  2. Lemon curd & poppyseed cake
  3. Apple crumble loaf cake
  4. Vegan coconut cake
  5. Strawberry swirl cake
  6. Torched lemon meringue cake
  7. Carrot cake loaf
  8. Pumpkin-spiced layer cake
  9. Chocolate orange layer cake

va va voom vegan cakes

Va Va Voom Vegan Cakes offers small treats to standout wow-cakes using natural ingredients. Angela’s inspired recipes include:

  1. Lemon meringue cake
  2. Gin & tonic traybake
  3. Rooibos tea loaf
  4. Pistachio, lime & raspberry wowser cake
  5. Chocolate salted caramel mud cake
  6. Vegan vanilla thriller
  7. Knickerbocker glorious cake

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