birds their extraordinary world

Birds: Their Extraordinary World is a beautiful keepsake book with lavish illustrations by artist Angela Harding. The sky is splendid with fierce, clever and spectacular birds. From the bitter cold polar regions to the lush tropics, birds have found incredible ways to adapt and survive anywhere. White-winged diuca finches nest high upon freezing glaciers, and mighty peregrine falcons circle skyscrapers.

Don’t play birdsong near birds (it can confuse and attract predators). Learn how to stop birds flying into windows. Read more on how to help our garden birds (food to avoid feeding and how to site, buy and clean nest boxes).

In this book, discover the things that birds can do. The statesque golden eagle spots prey from kilometres away. Yout can tell what time of day an owl hunts, by looking at the colour of its eyes. And with its long muscular legs – the secretary bird has a powerful kick that can kill large prey like snakes and hares. Discover which bird is the fastest, smallest, cleverest, the most colourful and more.

What birds can do is extraordinary. The statuesque golden eagle spots prey from kilometres away. You can tell what time of day an owl hunts by looking at the colour of its eyes. With its long, muscular legs, the secretary bird has a powerful kick that is enough to kill large prey like snakes and hares.

Miranda Krestovnikoff has been passionate about wildlife since childhood and studied zoology at Bristol University before working at BBC Natural History Unit and later becoming a presenter on BBC Coast show. Artist Angela Harding is a fine artist who specialises in nature and wildlife screenprints, found in many galleries.

a day in the life of a bird family

a bird a day

A Bird Day is an English translation of a Swedish children’s story, looking at an ordinary day, told through the life of a bird family. ‘Wash your beaks, it’s time for lunch – flies again today’, says Dad. After lunch the young birds  get sent off to play – they sing, hunt mosquitoes, compare leg size and poke grubs. This is how birds spend a day.

Author Eva Lindström reflects the familiar and absurd in human behaviour, through this funny bird family. Readers will recognise the dynamics of bickering over fried mosquitoes and worm pie – only the youngest is allowed to pick out the worms.

go crazy for birds with Misha!

crazy for birds

We also love Misha Blaise’s book Crazy for Birds which again makes learning about our feathered friends incredibly fun. From the blue-footed booby (who shows his feet to female birds – whoever has the brightest blue feet gets the girl!) To showing how chickens are related to dinosaurs. Learning about birds has never been so interesting! Misha Maynerick Blaise is a writer and artist, who runs a green building company with her husband in Texas, USA.

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