black bear Lisa Glanz

Whether you run a tiny business or vegan niche business, these days it’s pretty important to have good branding, as it helps you stand out from the crowd and lets people know exactly what you do and what you stand for. There is enough evidence now to know that most people are prepared to pay a little more for ethically-made products or services, so don’t be shy about shouting out your business ethics from your marketing literature, as it will stand you in good stead for the future.

Lisa Glanz is a wonderfully talented designer from South Africa, who offers gorgeous animal and wildlife-based designs, plus a few foodie options for vegan business. Super-cute!

Read The Magic of Tiny Business, a wonderful book by a Canadian woman who runs an eco-friendly bag company. Staying small in a sea of big businesses is a great way to focus on doing what you love well, and keeping your costs down, which in turn leads to higher profits. You also get to run a business where you can factor in self-care (meditation, rest) and never miss the school run. You also get weekends off!

budget-friendly beautiful graphic design

Rather than pay a lot of money for custom design, brand your business using one of the many talented designers on Etsy, who offer everything from pre-made logos and business cards to designs that you can print on your shop tote bags, letterheads, signage and websites. You usually just choose colours and then edit the contents (most designers will do this for you, for a small fee, if you don’t have skills or software to do it yourself).

Blog Pixie (also on Etsy) in Australia also offers stunning gorgeous graphic art at affordable prices. We used her for our logo above. These logos have matching signatures and Instagram/social media templates.

nature-inspired pretty business designs

Emma Webb  offers pretty nature-inspired designs and repeating patterns. If you run a  floral or nature-focused business, you’ll love these designs, created by the designer in her studio cottage.

branding bundles for vegan businesses

Lana Elanor offers beautiful hand-painted illustrations for your vegan business. Mix and match this affordable set of images (animals, food, recipes, logos, icons and a vegan alphabet) to make menus, greetings cards, invites, stationery, logos or web/social media content.

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