rewild the world at bedtime

Reading a bedtime story is something that seems to have been lost to the winds. Yet it’s a wonderful way for parents and children to bond and connect before bedtime. Children’s nature campaigner Richard Louv writes that the saddest day of his professional life, was when he asked a young boy where his favourite place was. The boy replied ‘Inside, because that’s where all the  electrical sockets are’.

Rewild the World at Bedtime is a beautiful keepsake collection of calming wildlife stories to read at bedtime, for children to learn about projects that are rewilding the world with animals, and saving our planet. From Colombia to Indonesia, 40,000 unique species are threatened with extinction, and it’s never been a better time to teach children of the power of conservation.

This enchanting read soothes little ones with 20 stories about nature healing itself, when animals are returned to their natural habitats, without human interference. The animals rewilded include:

  • Eurasian beavers (reintroduced to Devon rivers)
  • Endangered tigers (saved with animal dung stoves in Nepal)
  • Peaceful water buffalos (part of a Ukranian restoration project)
  • Adorable lynx (released from captivity in the Iberian Peninsula)
  • Majestic humpback whales (banned from being hunted)

Emily Hawkins was once a children’s book editor and now writes books herself. She holds a first-class degree from Nottingham University, and lives in Winchester.

a story of friendship between creatures

the bison and the butterfly

The Bison and the Butterfly is a touching ecosystem story about a sad and lonely bison who is big and hairy (and sometimes a bit clumsy) and can’t imagine why anyone would want to be her friend. But wise woodpecker knows that everybody likes different things, and that the other animals in the forest likely feel different that what she imagines. As Bison eats her breakfast and has her bath, she meets different creatures who love her exactly as she is.

This friendship story is coupled with an inspiring message on how different animals work within an ecosystem in harmony, to benefit one another. A light-hearted tale that gently explains the science behind rewilding, and that we are all worthy of friendship, whether in our ecosystem or personal community.

Alice Hemming is a former librarian who attended classes in illustration and writing, before writing books herself. On maternity leave with her first child, she wrote and published her first book and has since published 50 others. She lives in Hertfordshire, where she writes from a shed at the top of her garden.

15 bedtime stories inspired by nature

secrets of the forest

Secrets of the Forest offers 15 bedtime stories inspired by nature. This charming anthology offers 5-minute stories about wildlife that live in woods around the world. Each forest contains a thousand secrets. Alicia Klepeis guides readers into forests, to meet the amazing animals that live there. Stories include:

  • A squirrel hunts for an elusive buried acorn
  • An Alaskan frog freezes itself alive to survive winter
  • The tale of reindeer herds in snowy Scandinavian woods
  • A chameleon changing colours in Madagascar

Other stories feature elephants, wild cats, pangolins, badgers, foxes, monarch butterflies, otters, walking fish, a tree that can live for thousands of years and even forest-dwelling penguins! All brought to life by illustrator Kristen Adam.

Each story is based on real biology and behaviour, and at the end of each tale, children will learn more of the science that inspired the story. So as they drift to sleep, they know a little more about the world around them.

Alicia Klepeis used to work for National Geographic Society and now shares her knowledge on animals and the planet with young readers through interesting books. She lives in New York State, USA. Illustrator grew up exploring the wild redwood forests of northern California.

secrets of the ocean

Secrets of the Ocean is the follow-up book, this time taking children under the water to discover 15 more inspiring stories of nature. In this charming anthology by Alicia Klepeis, readers will discover:

  • An orca grandmother teaching young how to fish
  • An octopus that disguises itself from different predators
  • An otter and her cub, playing in a kelp forest
  • A jellyfish that looks like a fried egg!

Other stories featuring swimming iguanas, diving penguins, deep-sea anglerfish, albatrosses in love, leaping dolphins, sleepy dugongs, majestic whales, hungry sea turtles, ancient sharks and marching crabs! All brought to life by illustrator Kaja Kajfež. Features colourful foil and cloth texture.

6000 years of history on a hillside

once upon a hillside

Once Upon a Hillside is a beautifully illustrated gift book, with 7 original stories that follow the changing landscape of lives on one hillside, from the Stone Age to the present day. 6000 years ago, people first came here and a story began: A Neolithic girl, Roman twins, a herbalist’s daughter, an archaeologist’s nieice and three children without a home who each faced their troubles on that ancient download, and found healing in the place that Granny Down called home. Wilderness, weather, history, archaeology and folklore infuse each tale.

Angela McAllister has written over 80 books for children, translated into 20 languages. She lives in Dorset. Illustrator Chiara Fedele lives in a little village near Milan (Italy). She has a degree in Illustration from La Scuola del Fumetto.

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