the good habit workbook

The Good Habit Workbook is a book to show you how to break away from bad habits, and replace them with good ones, in a book that can gradually make positive changes, to transform your life. Habits are the building blocks of our days, and they have huge impact on how we live. They affect what we do, how we feel and the paths in life that we choose to take.

This book contains practical advice, effective tips and guided exercises based on trusted CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) techniques. It will help you to break free from negative cycles that are not serving you, replacing them with upbeat productive heabits for long-term health and happiness. Use the workbook on its own or alongside therapy to help you develop positive habits.

The book includes clear advice on making positive lifestyle changes to support and improve your mental health, a calm supportive approach that invites you to work through the book at your own pace and a hands-on attitude to break away from negative habitats, with proven exercises to help.

guided journals for a happy brain!

zelo journal

Zelo is a range of journals developed with the help of writers and therapists, to encourage you to spend 5 minutes a day working towards your goals, to create new habits and better structure into your world.  Accidentally developed for the personal use of the founders, these are made from plastic-free materials in Yorkshire, and sold alongside life-time usage metal pens with refillable cartridges.

Sold with a free money-back guarantee, all items go through a 16-step quality control process, and lets you map out long-term goals at the beginning of the journal, then each week set targets to move closer towards those goals, and then use daily targets to break down weekly goals into easy-to-manage chunks. People have used this journey to do everything from lose weight, gain promotion or buy a house. Others simply say that having a planner to help build new habits reduces anxiety. So whether you wish to climb the biggest mountains or simply find inner peace and happiness, use the journal as you wish. Sold in a beautiful box, this also makes a beautiful useful gift for anyone you care about.

‘mind notes’ books to build positive habits

LSW London mind notes

LSW Mind Cards were developed by a therapist to help people focus on positive habits to repeat each day. Aristotle said ‘We are what we repeatedly do’, and so if we all do things that make us happy, what could that lead to? To help people live with intention, the mind cards are designed to help create healthy habitats each day, which positively impact mental health, wellbeing and self-care.

The company also sells a series of hypnosis downloadable tracks, to help cope with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Self-hypnosis is very effective so try this if you can’t sleep or relax, and notice the difference.

LSW Habit Notes is a 12-week undated tracking journal, to help you build positive habits, and find tools to make them stick, using weekly habit trackers. First all discover why certain habitats might not have stuck in the past, and whether you are choosing habits that are authentic to who you are. This is done using self-reflection and journal prompts. this then ensures you are chasing goals that are authentic to you, making them a key part of who you are.

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