a year in a small garden

A Year in a Small Garden is a book that follows BBC Gardener’s World presenter Frances Tophill, as she creates her new garden in a Devon terraced house. See how she brings her garden to life, plus find tips to build small community gardens, providing free food for people local to you. Focusing on sustainable garden, her bachelor’s degree in horticulture and experience working in royal botanic gardens is sure to inspire.

Use no-dig methods to avoid harming earthworms. Learn how to make your garden safe for pets (and use humane methods to deter slugs & snails). Also learn how to create a wildlife-friendly garden (never face indoor foliage to face gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows).

about the author

Frances Tophill is a horticulturalist, conservationist, author and presenter on BBC Gardener’s World. She studied at Scottish Agricultural College and Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh. She also works with Royal Horticultural Society’s campaign for school gardening to promote gardening to young people, and is also a keen quilter and amateur potter.

other good growing books for small spaces

  1. Container Gardening shows how to grow your own vegetables in a small space. Rooted in the centuries-old technique of permaculture to grow a big harvest in a tiny area, author Valéry Tsimba enthusiastically instructs home gardeners of all skill levels and backgrounds in her proven container gardening methods.
  2. Grow Bag Gardening uses fabric planter bags that grow easily, then just fold them up when not in use. Ideal for rooftops, balconies and patios, these frostproof bags are easily moved to maximise sunlight. This no-weed and no-mess method of garden is a game-changer with no root circling.
  3. How to Grow Flowers in Small Spaces is a lovely book, very simple in design. Each double-page spread includes information on the flower and what you need and whether it’s suitable for a cutting garden. You’ll also learn how to grow 40 flowers from pincushion flowers to towering lilacs.

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