vegan Christmas cake

Not everyone likes Christmas cake (dried fruit and marzipan). But millions of people buy cakes each year from supermarkets. Making your own is tasty, cheap and free from plastic packaging. And you can make a plant-based cake to ensure it’s suitable for all your guests. You can usually make Christmas cake ahead of time, then store just before decorating with with egg-free organic icing sugar.

Vegan Christmas Cake (The Veg Space) is simple to make and bake (no-soak method). It’s packed with dried fruits, cherries, nuts, black treacle and brandy.

Choose vegan butters with no palm oil. Read food safety for people & pets (unsafe ingredients include dried fruits, citrus, chocolate, nutmeg, alcohol and holly decorations). Read more on keeping pets safe at Christmas.

vegan Christmas cake

This recipe is from the book A Very Vegan Christmas. You can make and store this (undecorated cake) a week ahead of time, ‘feeding it brandy or rum’ until a couple of days before icing.

bake your own (vegan) Yule log

vegan yule log

This vegan yule log (The Veg Space) is an ideal alternative for people who are not keen on Christmas cake. The light chocolate sponge is rolled with a chestnut brandy filling, then covered in dark chocolate ganache.

a recipe for vegan Italian Panettone

vegan panettone

Vegan Panettone (The Banana Diaries) is a plant-based take on the popular Italian Christmas bread, usually served with vegan ice-cream. Based off the blogger’s great grandpa’s recipe, this features a dough speckled with raisins, cherries and citron, and is perfect for Christmas celebrations.

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