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Geeta Patel

It’s true that there is a space for organised religion in England and beyond. Sometimes with all the New Age quacks and the ‘fire and brimestone’ alternative right-wind religious zealots, it’s often comforting to go and listen to a free comforting Vespers (Gregorian chant) or sermon in a little village church. But there is a huge market to control the masses, on what you believe if you do decide you need a little help from Above. All the major religions have issues with ethics (hence why so many people say they are ‘spiritual but not religious’). But the New Age movement (some of which is rooted in truth, most is not) is now a ‘religion of its own’ with huge profits being made by blowing up mines to export fish to the west for ‘feng shui remedies’ (you don’t need fish for a running water remedy) to unethically mined crystals, and people blaming you for getting cancer due to the so-called ‘law of attraction’.

German artist Hans Wilhelm writes that religion is mostly made-up to control the masses (remember Jesus Christ was crucified because he wouldn’t conform). Be like Him and retain your own mind and curiosity on what you believe. It’s fine if we all have a few different views, as long as we live in peace. His own father was a ‘fire-breathing atheist’ due to seeing a lot of deaths in World War 2, and could not stomach religion, after watching priests ‘blessing the guns to send men off to war, in the name of God’.

On his father’s deathbed, Hans (who had been studying religion and spirituality for years) shared what he may experience. His father gave a smile, thinking his son was talking nonsense! Four years later, Hans was visiting a shop to meet an (authentic) medium who was promoting a book. He got tapped on the shoulder and the medium told him that Hans’ father had urged him to speak to you, and said ‘you were correct about everything, now go tell the world’. So he did! His videos at LIFEexplained (which combine spiritual truths with simple cartoons) have been viewed 40 million times. They cover everything from karma and reincarnation, why your attempts at reading The Secret haven’t worked (spoiler: they won’t if you have difficult karma) and what the secrets of life really are!

Bad karma is essentially our accumulated stories over many lifetimes. These govern what kind of situation we choose to incarnate into, then we go forth into adult life attracting experiences based on our conditioning. And then find ourselves in situations we don’t want.  Many souls are stuck in their karmic stories and repeat the same mistakes, traumas, experiences and stories lifetime after lifetime. And unless an effort is made to change, they will be here again in 100 years time, doing the same stuff they did last time. Your desires that you can’t achieve, are sacred pointers to where your soul needs to grow and change. If you don’t ‘get out of the energy’ of (name your problem: love, health, money, work, low self-worth etc), you’ll come back in your next lifetime with exactly the same blocks. Anna Sayce

So what does this mean in plain English? It means that you have to ‘do the soul work’ to transform bad circumstances. If you wonder why some people are complete nasty so-and-so’s and seem to just ‘flow through life’, it’s likely they simply have an ‘easy ride this lifetime’ and things won’t be so good the next (like a ‘soul holiday’). If you have lots of issues, know that you’re likely here to work on the problems you can’t seem to solve. And the good news is that it’s often a lot easier than you would think. Rather than ‘do things’, it’s more a case of learning to meditate, raise your energy (no crystals required – potter in the garden, go for a walk on the beach, play with an animal), and give up reading the news and watching horror movies!

Once your head, heart and soul are in a better place, you should find (sometimes) that life naturally gets better. That’s how distance healers work, simply by tuning in and raising your vibe. And if you can’t afford Reiki healers to do this for you, you’ll have to do a bit of legwork raising your energy yourself. This can be done in many ways:

  1. Go to church. Yes! Churches tend to have good vibes, as they are full of people praying and thinking good things, so they are a great place to go, if you like visiting (find a local free Vespers Gregorian chant one evening, you’ll never be the same again).
  2. Eat fresh plant foods. If you ingest the pain and suffering from a slaughtered animal, its energy  will be inside your mind and body.
  3. Meditate or practice mindfulness. This can be anything from a traditional meditation course to going for a long walk in nature. Mrs Mindfulness has lots of lovely 10-minute free meditations to bookmark. She’s a trained Aussie teacher with a nice soothing voice (no weird music included).
  4. Clear your space. Bin, recycle or donate items no longer in sync with who you are, and clean and eco-paint your space, so where you spend most of your time (home) is in a nice energy space.
  5. Exercise. You could go for a run, take a swim or do any kind of exercise. Yoga is popular. Do this if it suits, and don’t be frightened of religious zealots that say it’s evil or will make you possessed by demons, because it’s from the Hindu tradition in India (so is having a cup of tea). It’s interesting that nearly all who say this are from the USA (in England, vicars usually hire out halls to yoga teachers, to pay to mend a leaky roof!) There’s one thing to (sensibly) tell people not to go to a seance, but yoga? Many elderly people use this ancient exercise to heal dodgy knees and backs.

respect (but don’t be scared of) ‘Christian gurus’

One former New Age guru has now ‘been saved’ and wrote a list of all the things that ‘real Christians’ can’t do. These include practicing yoga and having statues of Buddha (or anyone other than Jesus). Nor hypnotherapy and EFT tapping (clinically proven to help soldiers recover from PTSD). She writes that if the list offends or upsets you, it’s likely ‘because the demons which have been oppressing you are offended and upset, as they want to keep controlling you’. It’s this very fear that is causing people like Trump to possibly get re-elected, and it sounds like this woman is living in fear herself, and perhaps she should show the same compassion to herself, that she would be well to do for others. Often these ‘gurus’ for Christ say they have been called to tell the world. Again, comparisons with Trump. The USA is just 5% of the world population, so the amount of people who will listen to these quite scary videos is tiny. Especially if people stop watching YouTube videos when they’re bored, late at night!

It is true that many ‘modern religion’ is made up. The woman who transcribed A Course in Miracles later called it ‘that damned book’, went into a terrible depression and died a converted Catholic on her deathbed. Yet people today earn money on ‘how to be happy’ using a book she ‘wrote’ and denounced. The Catholic Church takes $30,000 a month in rent from McDonald’s, yet animal-loving St Francis and St Clare of Assisi would be appalled.

I was a religious child, convinced the devil was watching my every move. It was a huge shock when Doreen (Virtue) published a list of new practices to avoid if one wanted to escape hell . I read the list a few days after my grandmother had died. A devout Catholic, she once took a yoga class for the elderly. And I supposed to believe that one of the kindest women I have ever known, was thrown out of Heaven? While I do have sympathy for those who live in fear of such a vengeful God, I also feel anger on behalf of the recently bereaved, who might read such a list and become frightened and upset. The ‘Golden Rule’ is found in all religions. It’s about choosing to treat all people (even those with different beliefs) with respect and tolerance. Louise O’Neill (Irish journalist)

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