nature's charm coconut milk

Nature’s Charm is a good brand of coconut milk, founded by a woman from a coconut farming family in Thailand. A passionate vegan, she guarantees no monkey-slaves are used to harvest the coconuts. Another good brand is Biona, sold in most stores or buy online. It also offers a lite version (lower in calories) and flavoured versions for curry (turmeric or green curry. Another good brand is

Just like having to check juice cartons for fish oil (really), now we have to check cans of coconut milk, to ensure that are not from coconuts that were picked by monkey slaves (animals tethered with their teeth pulled out, and forced to go up high trees, to harvest the coconuts sent to the western world). Due to media campaigns, most supermarkets have banned sale of the guilty brands, but they do sometimes make their way here, and even ‘organic food stores’ have been found to stock them. It’s not a local product. But as coconut milk is so popular for smoothies and curries, go for these brands in tins.

is coconut milk good for us?

Some health gurus say coconut milk is high in saturated fat, others say it contains healthy fats. Just use moderation, rather than listening to ‘men in white coats’. Coconut milk is a great replacement for dairy milk in smoothies. Although its strong taste is not so popular for hot drinks, it’s also good for ‘creamy curries’ like korma, and makes good ice-cream.

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