battle green dish soap

This plastic-free bar of dishwash soap is made from natural ingredients, biodegrades harmlessly down the sink, and is sold in zero waste packaging. Designed to replace plastic bottles of of dishwash liquid, this is made with organic ingredients using a cold-process method, free from palm oil and synthetic fragrance, and wrapped in compostable paper.

Choose unscented cleaning/laundry brands for pregnancy/nursing, affected medical conditions, babies and pets (citrus oils are pet-toxic). 

The dish bar is made with organic coconut oil (great to clean dishes and gives good bubbles), UK-mined white clay for scrubbiness, sodium lactate (from naturally fermenting sugars in corn and beets) and essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus (a clean fresh scent).

To use, simply keep the bar next to the kitchen sink on a soap rack or odl sauce. Fill your sink with water, and rub a brush or dishcloth over the bar to coat, clean your dishes and rinse. You can also use the bar to remove stains (just rub with the bar and add to laundry) and to clean surfaces (rub a warm wet plastic-free cloth or sponge over the bar and wipe surfaces, before rinsing with water). Choose from:

  • A round bar (perfect for travel and camping)
  • A large block for big kitchens
  • A wonky bar (works the same, but costs less)

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