curly kale linguine

It rains a lot in England (and is cold in winter) so greenhouses are good for ‘the hungry gap’ in early spring, when winter produce has harvested but summer produce is not yet ripe. Kale is one of few crops you’ll find, try this curly kale linguine recipe (So Vegan). Some people on medication can’t eat a lot of leafy greens, so check first.

use greenhouses for winter produce

the greenhouse gardener's manual

They have glass roofs to warm up from the sun’s rays, so you can grow foods not native to us (peppers and Spanish fruits). The first modern greenhouse was built in Holland and became popular in England in the 1800s.

The Greenhouse Gardener’s Manual is a good book for anyone who wants homegrown tomatoes in the dead of winter or wishes to grow in a greenhouse. Learn how to choose the right design, use the space for propogation and maintain year-round. Includes a plant-directory of 70 fruits and vegetables, along with 88 ornamental plants.

No-dig gardening is the gardening way of the future. Not only is it easy and better for your back, but it means no garden forks or spades accidentally harming creatures like earthworms or baby stag beetles (big grubs in soil).

Grow food with natural twine and keep fresh compost away from pets. Make your garden safe for pets (fruit pips & seeds contain cyanide). Use humane ways to prevent slugs/snails, and avoid large-hole netting (traps wildlife – apply fruit protection bags (after pollination). Never face indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows

the polytunnel handbook

Polytunnels are cheaper and easier to move than greenhouses, and may have maintenance and planning issues. Polyeco Greenhouses cost a bit (but will last years, and balances out if you grow free food). They are better than cheap plastic polytunnels from DIY stores that often blow away in the wind. Their cost per square foot is three times more affordable than glass.

how to grow & harvest winter vegetables

the winter market gardener

How to Grow Winter Vegetables is a nice little read by no-dig gardener Charles Dowding, who grows all his own food in Somerset.

The Winter Market Gardener is a guide built on years of research to produce fresh tasty local vegetables to eat or sell, in winter climates. Detailing dozens of vegetables to grow, the book covers selecting shelters (from row covers to high tunnels) and how to store winter crops.

how to store your garden produce

how to store your garden produce

How to Store Your Garden Produce is a nice little A to Z guide of how to store anything you grow. Most produce harvests at the same time, and with this book, you can feed yourself and your family for a year, from less than 1 acre of land, by knowing how to preserve everything that you grow. From making cider and pickling gherkins to stringing onions and drying your own apple rings.

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