summer bedroom Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Rather than keep buying more items for your bedroom, have a good clear-out and donate/sell/recycle items you no longer need. Create a capsule wardrobe, open the windows ajar to let fresh air in, give it a good eco-clean and vacuum and invest in some eco bed linen.

Never spray perfumes or essential oils near pets or children (and air rooms after using). Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditons. Indoor plants don’t clean the air (a myth based on out-dated NASA research – many indoor plants are toxic to pets including lilies and sago palm (even brushing a tail against them can harm animal friends).

Nobody should have a bedroom full of electrical gadgets, ashtrays, clutter or items you don’t love. Even if you’re on a budget, you can afford a nice pure cotton duvet set (don’t leave laptops or phones on it, as they are fire hazards). Likewise, replace dangerous convector heaters with an oil-powered radiator that is safer around people and pets, and use a humidifier if the air is stale. 

Get rid of shop receipts, old vitamins and capsules, wires and cables you don’t need etc. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, if possible remove the TV unless you really like to watch it in bed. Think rest and sleep and relaxation. Good books by the bedside, a glass of filtered water, thick comfy sheets and cosy pyjamas.

Choose safely-tacked rugs if you don’t have carpets and block the light from windows with blinds or curtains at night. Make your bedroom so inviting that you love being there. You could even visit charity shops to find nice artwork that inspires along with a couple of ornaments. Don’t have pictures of war or misery above your head, as you go to sleep! Go to town on a few things you love.

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