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Rosie Made a Thing

You of course could refuse to get sucked into the ‘wedding business’ altogether and not get married! But if you do, there are ways to be a peaceful troublemaker, instead of just make some big corporate rich, on the back of your undying love for each other!

If pets are at weddings/receptions, know many blooms (like lilies) are toxic, so keep them away (and horses away from celebration trees).

keep your wedding small & simple

This could be a local church or community club, it doesn’t have to be hiring a big church and spending thousands on a big buffet. Some people even get married in unusual places. We love these vegans in the US who get married at farm sanctuaries, so their animal friends get some donations at the same time!

Curb your guestlist. A wedding should be a simple expression of mutual love, not ‘keeping other people’ happy. It’s not for the long list of extended relatives or friends/colleagues you don’t really like. Just keep to a few chosen deep relatives and friends, leave it at that. If others are annoyed, they were never really friends at all.

Never release balloons or fire lanterns, both cause huge issues with wildlfie and marine creatures. Likewise, don’t release anything (butterflies, doves, kites). They all do harm.

Avoid plantable invites (toxic wildflowers) to homes with pets. But there are plenty of nice recycled paper invites and place cards. These wedding invites are printed on luxury recycled card.

Choose a celebrant? This is up to you, depending on your faith. But we think celebrants are great, as in their words, they perform a service (whether you are getting married or have just died) to celebrate your beliefs, not that of a church. They tend to be simple, happy and upbeat, just what a wedding should be!

sustainable dress, shoes & rings!

Buy an upcycled wedding dress. Still White has lots of choices, then sell it back when you’re done. Or just buy a nice organic cotton dress that you can wear again, not just stuff in the attic to rot away. You can also donate wedding dresses to a charity where seamstresses unstitch them, then make into free burial gowns for angel babies.

Choose vegan wedding shoes (and bags). There are plenty of companies around, and it’s easy to find ‘wedding shoes’ if you want ballet pumps or high sandals. With bags to match. In any colour.

luxury plant-based wedding cakes

Rubys of London is one of England’s finest artisan vegan bakeries, everything is made with organic ingredients (free from palm oil) and delivered to anywhere in the city. Use a letterbox guard around animal friends, read more on food safety for people and pets.

This baker began at Greenwich Market and today her goods are sold throughout the city (there’s also a shop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent). The range includes:

  1. Cakes
  2. Donuts
  3. Cupcakes
  4. Brownies
  5. Wedding cakes
  6. Corporate gifts

The cakes and other goodies are also available wholesale to bakeries, hotels and other outlets. Just get in touch! The bakery is pretty allergy-friendly but some ingredients may have been produced elsewhere, so check before ordering. Cakes are best eaten fresh or the day after, and can be frozen, but best before 3 months.

If you have a friend or relative that cooks, they may wish to cook as it’s cheaper than hiring caterers, but they’ll have to follow food hygiene laws and know of allergies. If catering for more than a pile of plates can provide, use biodegradable plates and cutlery, over plastic. You can then just compost after use. Bake your own wedding cake.

where to find recycled wedding rings

There are many companies online that offer rings made from recycled gold or silver (plus engagement rings with recycled gems or lab-created diamonds to avoid mining). Some will even melt down your granny’s wedding ring to make it fit perfectly for you. There are wooden rings or no rings – you choose! This gorgeous wedding ring is made in Birmingham, from recycled silver.

This gold ring is made entirely from recycled gold. Handmade in Brighton and slightly hammered, to reflect the light.

We love Hairy Growler! This company makes jewellery (including wedding rings) from old Victorian coins and cutlery. The gold sovereign coins make beautiful 22ct gold rings, and as the coin rings have no join, they are an ‘unbroken circle’ symbolic of the connection you have made to each other. And the ‘share a fork’ concept from one antique silver sterling fork offers a lovely starting point for a pair of wedding bands.

choose seasonal organic wedding flowers

Make gardens safe for pets (all bulbs are toxic, along with some other plants and mulches). Never face indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows

This beautiful ‘bouquet’ of wedding flowers is made from recycled books!  For organic flowers, there are lovely bouquets around. If pets are at weddings/receptions, know many blooms (like lilies) are toxic, so keep them away (and horses away from celebration trees). 

Blooming Green Flowers (Kent) lets you wander through their acre of blooms, to pick your own wedding flowers.

Common Farm Flowers (Somerset) proves they’re local, as you can’t buy them in winter. For summer weddings only!

If only using flowers once (like weddings), you can donate them to charities like Floral Angels that use volunteers to regift them to those who need cheering up.

switch to biodegradable confetti

recycled paper confetti

recycled paper confetti

If you’re getting married (or going to a wedding) either don’t use confetti at all, or use biodegradable confetti (the single-use plastic ban from October 2023 may mean it’s banned anyway). Most churches also prefer biodegradable confetti (avoid rice, as it’s a slipping hazard and attracts pigeons!) Most confetti sold is made from plastic, so it just leaves plastic litter everywhere which harms wildlife and birds (it should be banned). Avoid throwing flower confetti near pets, as some flowers used (like delphiniums) are toxic to pets.

This is dried rose petal confetti (also in red). Or Shropshire Petals make confetti from local farm flowers (however some of their blooms are pet-toxic, so see note above).

Strangely, most of the eco-friendly paper confettis online are wrapped in plastic bags? Instead, visit Etsy to find some crafted alternatives from recycled materials:

  1. recycled card
  2. recycled maps
  3. recycled music sheets

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