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Acne is a skin condition that is the bane of many young teenagers, but also can flare up in adults under stress and sometimes during pregnancy. But there’s no need to take liver-toxic tablets or harsh chemical skincare products. Often acne just  goes away on its own as your hormones calm down. But if you can’t wait, here are a few natural tips to help.  Kleen activated charcoal & kaolin clay ‘soap-on-a-rope’ is made with ingredients ideal to clear congested skin, along with essential oils of bergamot, cedarwood and ajowan (similar to thyme).

Avoid essential oils (for others soaps) for pregnancy/nursing and avoid shea butter for latex allergies. Keep away from children and pets.

First of all, know that acne is nearly always not due to skin not being clean. It’s mostly caused when oil and dead skin cells clog together in the pores, and oxygen can’t get in. If this gets inflamed, you get the dreaded pus-filled spot. Let Dr Pimple Popper (a dermatologist) show you the safe way to pop a pimple, if you just have to! Doing it the wrong way could make things worse, and cause lifelong scarring.

Like any kind of holistic medicine, be careful of natural ‘miracle cures’. Most of them don’t work and some could do more harm than good:

  1. Aloe vera won’t harm, but it likely won’t help other.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is way too harsh for skin, as is witchhazel.
  3. Green tea won’t work, drinking it helps keep you healthy though!
  4. Tea tree oil is way too harsh for the skin’s natural PH
  5. Turmeric won’t work and may stain your skin

The best solution is to simply use a very mild oil-cleansing soap or cleanser, and stay off moisturisers, or at lease use an oil-free version. Wash face cloths frequently, don’t pick at spots, and drink lots of water. Some people find giving up dairy and sugar helps, so give that a try.

Coraline skincare minty fresh soap

Look in health stores for Oliva soap. This is a big chunky bar of soap made only with olive oil, salt and water. It’s not pretty (and dirt cheap) but it works a treat, many people with severe skin problems find this helps. If you prefer something with a bit of scent, Coraline Skincare’s Minty Soap contains activated charcoal, and you can use alongside the calming facial tonic to absorb excess oils through the day.

green people oy cleanser

Green People OY! Foaming Cleanser is designed for teens, but can be used by anyone. It’s organic and vegan, and specifically designed to cleanse acne-prone skin, without harm. It’s made with green tea, tea tree oil, willow bark and witch hazel (but not in strengths to irritate skin). The packaging is also made from sugar-cane, so easily recycled after use. Scented with mandarin, bergamot and clary sage. Use with the matching organic blemish concealer.

organic blemish concealer

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