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Amber Davenport

If you ride a bicycle, it helps to note down the details of your local independent bike shop, as for big jobs, it’s a safer option to get an expert to test brakes and wheels etc (and helps to support local experts to be paid for doing something practical, a sometimes rare option these days). But for everyday, it’s good to know how to maintain your bike (to keep it safe and make it last longer) along with doing little repairs yourself (if safe to to do so, to save time and money).

use biodegradable bike cleaners/lubes

Kingud is a brand of plant-based biodegradable bike cleaning products. Free from toxic PTFE, you can also buy citrus toxic-free degreaser and even a plant-based helmet polisher! Sold with refill packs.

invest in a quality bike repair multi-tool

It’s good to invest in a bike multi-tool, which as the name suggests, can do a number of tasks including fixing a damage spoke, snapped chain or puncture. Pebble Tool is a good brand sold with a lifetime guarantee, that can fit in your pocket to bail out most common bicycle mishaps. It includes an integrated Dynaplug® tyre repair accessories to quickly patch a puncture.

where to recycle used inner bike tubes

Velorim has 600 sites nationwide, where you can recycle used bike tubes. Just drop off old tubes (plus tyres and li-ion batteries) to stop thousands of tubes going to landfill. These are then made into a new rubber for industrial use.

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