vegan clotted cream

Cream is a very popular food for dolloping on desserts, sandwiching cakes together, and of course for serving with scones for an afternoon tea. But most dairy cream on sale is not from happy free-range cows.

Vegan Clotted Cream (The Veg Space) takes 3 minutes, made with palm-oil-free vegan butter, organic powdered sugar and vegan double cream. It’s cream first (unless you’re in Cornwall, then it’s jam!)

We may think of cats lapping bowls of cream. But cats are actually lactose-intolerant and should not be fed milk or cream of any kind. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

where to buy good vegan cream

nature's charm oat cream

Nature’s Charm is a lovely little company, founded in Thailand. Although coconuts are not local, this brands that harvesting is from local people (not tethered monkey-slaves dent up trees to retrieve the coconuts). It not only offers a lovely range of coconut whipping creams and evaporated/condensed milks, but has now ventured into oat-based products too. Livestock farmers can join transfarmation projects to join the profitable oat market, leaving animals to live out their lives in peace.

The company also offers lovely caramel sauces, ideal to top vegan ice-cream. Everything’s sold in zero waste tins or glass jars, so is easy to recycle. Look for them in indie health shops and farm shops.

Also look in stores for Elmlea Double Cream (the plant-based version is free from palm oil and can be whipped up for desserts, poured over puddings or stirred into sauces or pasta). There’s even a brandy version for Christmas! In the US, look in stores for Silk heavy whipping cream. Recycle packaging at supermarket bag bins.

a double cream (made from coconuts!)

vegan Victoria sponge

The Coconut Collab uses coconuts harvested with hooked bamboo sticks (not slave monkeys) to make many dairy-free alternatives like rich double cream (that doesn’t taste like coconut at all). Dollop on your morning porridge or pancakes. Add to fruits, yoghurt and sugar to whizz up a strawberry frappe. Or use it to sandwich this vegan Victoria sponge, served with fresh berries.

Free from palm oil and GM ingredients, this company works with local communities to plant thousands of trees in southeast Asia. This not only helps support fragile ecosystems, but also offers a sustainable income for local people. It’s also working to plant mangroves (salt-tolerant trees, as a third have been lost to coastal development, pollution and natural disasters over the last 50 years).

vegan clotted cream for Devon scones

flotted cream

Flotted Cream has astounded reviewers with its taste and texture (made in a family cafe in Hampshire’s New Forest). Also sold at Leicestershire’s Positive Bakes (which sends out ‘vegan afternoon teas’ with scones and cakes, in compostable packaging). All items are free from palm oil.

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