blueberry almond crumble bars

Rather than always buy ready-made ‘grazing snack bars’, try a few of these recipes to make your own. They’re all made with plant-based wholesome ingredients, then store them in an airtight container, ideal to take with you to work or on hikes.

Keep ‘human snacks away from pets due to nuts, dried fruits, citrus, chocolate, nutmeg etc. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

Blueberry almond crumble bars (Short Girl, Tall Order) contain fresh or frozen fruits and almonds for protein/calcium, but no palm oil or plastic packaging, like most commercial bars. You can bind with coconut oil or palm-oil-free vegan butter, and the ‘egg’ is replaced by a flax egg (mixing freshly ground linseeds that contain omega 3 fatty acids with water).

Beetroot & Blackcurrant Energy Bars (The Veg Space) are made with lots of wholesome goodies like nuts, seeds, oats, berries and banana. They’re also naturally sweet due to the beetroot.

vanilla flapjacks

Vanilla coconut flapjacks (Cupful of Kale) can be adapted to remove the chocolate if wished, for conventional flapjacks. They’re made with oats, light brown sugar, golden syrup and vegan butter.

where to buy good wholesome snack bars

apple raisin snack bars

Delicious Ella is a wholefoods brand that offers many recipe books and these wonderful snacking bars. For our money, these are the tastiest snacking bars on the market, and totally healthy too (and easy to recycle the packaging).

Apple, raisin & cinnamon (favourite!). Soft and chewy, this is made with almost half gluten-free oats along with dried apple, cinnamon and raisins, sweetened with brown rice syrup and coconut oil and a little rapeseed oil to bind. Seriously, these are so good you’ll have trouble not eating all four bars in one go! Perfect as a snack or healthy braekfast. Other flavours include:

  1. Chocolate orange
  2. Peanut butter & oat
  3. Cacao & almond
  4. Hazelnut, pecan & maple

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