vegan marmalade loaf

Afternoon tea is a quintessential tradition in England. Easy Marmalade Tea Loaf (Domestic Gothess) is super-simple to make, using vegan butter, marmalade, sugar and golden syrup.

Use reusable silicone baking linersKeep recipes away from pets, due to unsafe ingredients like citrus, dried fruits, coffee, nuts and chocolate. Read up on keeping people & pets safe in the kitchen

Earl Grey Tea Loaf (Domestic Gothess) is from the book Great British Vegan. Earl Grey tea is flavoured with oil of bergamot, named after Prime Minister Charles Grey. The story goes that the tea was blended by a Chinese mandarin at the family seat in Northumberland (others say it is named after tea merchant William Grey – the ‘Earl’ added to make the tea sound more posh!)

vegan fruit cake with chocolate

This fruit cake with chocolate (Ela Vegan) is very easy to make. It’s packed with goodness (dried apricots, figs, dates and raisins) plus nuts for protein (cashews, almonds and pecans).

Vegan Dundee Cake (Domestic Gothess) is one for the traditionalists. Made with almonds, this is a Scottish fruit cake (no glace cherries, as apparently Mary Queen of Scots didn’t like them!

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