5 minute vegan salad dressing

If you follow a plant-based lifestyle (or are trying to reduce fat intake), most salad dressings in shops contain dairy (aside from French vinaigrette). Which is nice, but a bit boring if that’s you ever eat. And most people prefer some dressing on their homemade salad. So here are a few nice recipes.

This 5-minute salad dressing (Heartbeet Kitchen) is made with cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast, and sweetened with maple syrup.

Read up on keeping people & pets safe in the kitchen (many foods including onion, garlic,  and chives are unsafe around animal friends).

homemade vegan ranch dressing recipe 

vegan ranch dressing

This homemade vegan ranch dressing recipe (Ela Vegan) is a plant-based version of an American classic dressing for green salad.  It mixes vegan mayo with garlic, apple cider vinegar, plant milk and dried herbs. If you prefer ready-made, look in stores for Newman’s Own Vegan Ranch.

vegan thousand island dressing

vegan thousand island dressing

Vegan thousand island dressing (Loving It Vegan) is made with vegan mayo, ketchup, garlic  and onion powder, paprika and distilled white vinegar (the edible not cleaning kind, sold in most groceries).  Also try this recipe for vegan blue cheese dressing made with cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast and white miso (avoid unpasteurised for pregnancy/nursing).

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