itch away shampoo

Dandruff is simply a condition caused by dry scalp, and using conventional products that are full of toxins is not the answer. Dandruff is a common skin (not hair) condition and it’s not contagious. Here are some natural shampoos that do the job just as well, made with plant-based ingredients, no palm oil and in zero waste packaging.

Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions. Avoid shea butter for latex allergies. Keep products away from pets.

Green People men’s shampoo for itchy scalps is made with organic ingredients and sold in easy-to-recycle packaging. It contains pineapple enzymes to help dandruff, and aloe vera to calm scalp irritation. Free from irritating sodium lauryl sulphate, instead it creates natural foam from coconut and yucca, and also features anti-inflammatory oils of rosemary and tea tree. Quinoa protein also makes this a good choice to help thicken hair.

how to prevent & treat cradle cap in babies

vegan baby brush

Often made worse by cold weather, cradle cap is common in babies and usually goes away naturally after a few months. Just use a natural plant bristle baby brush to gentle brush away loose flakes.

You can also apply Kokoso coconut oil to cradle cap. This quality cold-processed coconut oil can also be used to apply to calm nappy rash (and on your own skin as an after-sun lotion).  Don’t worry if hair comes away as you massage (it will grow back, do not pick the scales as it could cause infection).

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