energy-saving kettle

People in England collectively brew over 100 cups of tea each year, causing a  national energy surge during the TV ad breaks. Most people boil waterto 100 degrees (you only need to boil to 80 degrees celsius (this wastes £70 million of energy each year). Still kettles are still better to heat water than on hobs or in microwaves (never heat anything in microwaves for babies or pets). Instant hot water taps (around £500) are only good for businesses and rich people! 

It’s government law for all shops selling small electrical appliances to take back old kettles (wherever you bought them). Ideal if you buy a new kettle from Argos (you can just hand in your old one, without having to drive to the landfill).

Russell Hobbs’ fast-boil energy-saving kettle saves up to 66% energy to boil water for a big mug in just 54 seconds. It also features a perfect pour spout (to avoid messy drips) and blue illuminated markings, so you don’t pour too much water in the kettle. You can also buy it alongside a matching Groove toaster, which pops has a high-lift feature to pop bread up when finished, and enables you to toast slices from frozing (so you can freeze loaves, to stop food waste).

The Adventure Kettle is another good option (costs around £25 with a 2-year guarantee). Made from stainless steel, it saves 60% of energy and folds down for storage. This kettle has a little widget to measure the cups you need, and also has a pour spout and cup window markings.

repairable kettles & toasters for professional use

dualit kettle and toaster

Dualit makes top-quality kettles & toasters for professional restaurants and hotels (for domestic use, view this affordable energy-saving kettle & toaster set).

Avoid caffeine for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions (NHS says 2 cups of weak tea is fine, or just avoid for safety). Just bin tea leaves/coffee grounds, as caffeine may harm garden compost bin creatures. Never give toast (nor mouldy, stale or salty bread) to garden birds/wildfowl (nor buttered bread, as fat smears on feathers, affecting waterproofing/insulation).

Hand made since 1945, both items are designed to last a lifetime, so if you run a business, you’ll never have to repurchase as you can also get the items repaired (even out of warranty, for an affordable fee). The extra wide toaster slots accommodate larger items and the energy-efficient slot-selector control lets you toast only what you need. You can also manually check bread while toasting and there is a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

dualit stainless steel kettle

The kettle features a revolutionary replacement element, to greatly extend the life of your kettle. Just send it off to the factory to get the element replaced. Awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, this features two measuring windows (in cups or litres) and has a stainless steel handle with silicone grip, for comfort. The non-drip spout prevents water dripping onto the kettle or work surface. The durable hinged lid also features a heatproof ring.

Know that it’s government law for all shops that sell small electrical appliances to take back old ones, if you buy something new. Although too expensive for most households, instant hot water taps (around £500) may be a good investment for big commercial kitchens, with quick payback.

how to descale your kettle, naturally 

Just pop a descaler ball in the kettle. Or pour in cleaning vinegar to cover element, switch kettle on and leave overnight (tell others before you do this!)

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