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World peace. We all want it. And it’s heartbreaking that in the 21st century, we still have politicians who still believe killing and bombing each other, is the way to create it. One of the best ways we can help is to avoid engaging in opinionated rhetoric and avoid mainstream news, which often does not report the full story. Get your news from Byline Times or Byline TV (no ads or bias, so you’ll get the facts).

Red and Howling is a lovely space, packed with fun illustrations and prints, and artist Amy Luwis also has written a fab book on dog safety. We adore this gorgeous art to remember animals during war, and a portion of profits are used to help animals in Ukraine.

War is a sober depiction of war, and recipient of the Nami Concours prize. This remarkable book of striking illustrations and sparse prose reveals the many sides of war; where it comes from, how it creeps up on us and how it destroys everything in its wake. During a time when wars are fought around the world, this evocative and bold interpresent may serve as a vehicle for difficult yet necessary discussions among readers of all ages. ‘If children are tough enough to be bombed and starved, they’re tough enough to read about it.

So which countries go to war? It’s true that mostly it’s countries with oil to defend, and to that end, a greener world run on green energy would be one solution. Other factors tend to be religion, and countries where minorities and women are not treated the same (this causes resentment and this tends to cause war).

Seeds of Peace is a wonderful US summer camp, where they take opposing sides to have them work and play together, to become the future leaders of tomorrow (say Israeli and Palestinian teenagers). They arrive wanting to kill each other, and leave as friends.

helping animals caught up in wars

Nowzad and War Paws are nonprofits that help animals caught up in war, or get them out of the country to safe adopted homes. 

Good Good Good is an American newspaper of good news, and reports hopeful stories about Ukraine and elsewhere. It also has a super post on how we can help (including animal shelters to donate to at the end of the post and how to stop the spread of misinformation).

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