Andre Agassi

Armenia is an historic country, sharing borders with Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan. With around 3 million people, it’s located in southwest Asia (though is officially in Europe), just south of the Caucasus mountains. People with Armenian heritage include Andre Agassi, Cher and Kim Kardashian.

Armenia has some of the world’s oldest churches

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as the national faith, and as a result has hundreds of ancient churches that it protects. Although England has many ancient churches (especially in the East of England), many have since been turned into luxury flats or office buildings. Many people visit Armenia to go on Christian pilgrimages (walking faith holidays).

Armenia is one of the safest countries on earth

In Armenia, both locals and tourists often happily walk along the street at night, without fear. You can (usually) even as a local person at night if you are lost, without any worries. The country also has uniformed police officers everywhere, so you’re never far away from finding a bobby on the beat, if you need one.

Armenia is ‘home of the apricot’

Although we also grow apricots in England, they are not as revered and celebrated as in Armenia, where they eaten frequently both in curries and for desserts. Even the duduk musical instrument, is made from apricot wood. Many people in Armenia also enjoy a tipple of apricot brandy.

Armenians are very good at playing chess

Chess is a game that is very good for your mind and cognitive thinking, but it’s not played as much these days in England, rather people turn to computer games. But in Armenia, schoolchildren have to take it as a compulsory subject at school, to help them develop reasoning and mental problem-solving skills. So it’s no surprise that many of the world’s top chess champions are Armenian.

Armenia protects its heritage buildings

Unlike some places in England that destroy ancient buildings to replace with glass buildings, in Armenia many cities are protected, one even is made from volcanic rock and called ‘the pink city’.

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