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Kelly Attenborough

Azerbaijan is a small country (that used to be part of the USSR) between the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains (bordering Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Iran). Spanning both Europe and Asia, the inner city is a medieval walled architectural masterpiece, where you’ll also find the royal palace with the dominating Maiden Tower. It’s often known as ‘the land of fire’ due to natural gases spewing from the earth, to create ‘natural fires’ that never go out.

Azerbaijan knows how to make carpets

Known for its beautiful handmade carpets and rugs, these are worlds away from our chemical-laden carpets in superstores. Learn more on how to choose the most sustainable flooring.

People in Azerbaijan take tea (with jam!)

Unlike us who usually take tea with scones and jam, they serve tea with just jam on the side. It’s more like jammy fruit that you keep in your mouth, while you drink a small cup of strong tea. The idea is then you don’t need sugar, and you also are offered a slice of lemon after, if it’s all too sweet!

it leaves its native wildlife alone

This country is home to some of the Caucasus Mountains. Packed with wildlife from brown bears and lynx to roe deer and venomous snakes, this is home to Europe’s highest mountain (Mt. Elbrus in Russia). However many ‘human violence’ (aka wars) have led to this area suffering, as it straddles several borders including Georgia and Russia. Lying alongside the Caspian and Black Seas, this forms the dividing line between Europe and Asia.

what not to learn from Azerbaijan

Still like years ago, the country makes use of its huge oil reserves, and continues to drill to make profits for oil (it used to supply half the world with the black gold, during World War II). Read of ideas on how to create an oil-free economy.

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