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Many top magazines are now switching to expensive yearly memberships, as people drop them in droves (The Countryman magazine almost reached its 100th birthday, before folding due to rising costs of paper, print and postage. The White Review magazine recently ceased publication (in a cost-of-living crisis, people are not reading literature when they are trying to pay bills).

So unsubscribe from magazines that are just packed with ads that earn a combined income over £500 million) and switch to something nicer that can be read over and over, or gifted to others after reading.

an ad-free magazine of uplifting stories

Happiful is a 90-page ad-free magazine full of uplifting stories, to support good mental health. Enjoyed by over 140,000 readers, the magazine was founded by two sisters, is carbon-neutral with all material reviewed by experts. Choose a monthly or yearly subscription, whatever suits you best. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and they’ll welcome you back with open arms, if you decide to subscribe again in the future. The older magazines don’t age badly and cover many topics, so you can also order single-issue back copies at the site, while stocks last.

The two sisters also founded Counselling Directory, where you can enter your postcode to find the best phone or in-personal councillor best for you. They themselves experienced mental health issues while at school and university, and know firsthand how it feels to be overwhelmed and lacking guidance, so they used their own experiences to help others to quickly find one of over 22,000 listed trusted therapists. The sisters also run a similar site to find qualified hypnotherapists.

This suite of magazines and websites now is run by a team of 40 in Surrey. As well as removing the stigma of mental health issues, it also aims to provide umbrella support through both the printed and digital magazine. The printed magazine is also available nationwide in shops, and if you’re on a budget, you  can subscribe to the free e-magazine.

Most of the magazine is made up of authentic true stories and Happiful Hacks. Example articles are:

  • What to do when drinking leads to overthinking
  • What to do if you’re treated like an unofficial therapist
  • Why you should go beyond your comfort zone
  • Homework strategies for children with ADHD
  • The introvert’s guide to public speaking
  • 100 ways to relax (there’s something for everyone)

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