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Mary Stubberfield

There was once a saying that ‘dogs look up to you, pigs look you in the eye as an equal, but cats look down to you! We all know that cats are superior beings (and they know this too!) But there are many myths in cat welfare. For instance, cats don’t always ‘right themselves’ when they land. So it’s important to not let them lie near open top windows (you can buy cat screens which may be an option).

Likewise, although most cats like the sun, they still need shady places and water, as they are at much a risk of heatstroke as dogs. Here are some good books by experts to help understand your feline friends!

Although we often see images, playing with wool is a no-no (tangling hazard) as is lapping bowls of cream (cats are naturally lactose-intolerant). Also keep cats inside at dawn and dusk, to reduce chance of attacks on birds (when likely feeding) and bats.

Read how to make your garden safe for pets (this includes indoor plants, many like sago palm and lilies can harm, just by a tail brushing past). Cats are very curious, so see tips to help find lost pets (indoor cats and outdoor cats act differently, advice is not the same).

What Cats Want explains why cats climb into tiny spaces, why they sleep all day and how to interpret different meows, the direction of their whiskers and the way their tail is pointing. Written by Japan’s leading cat doctor, this book show where to put their water bowl, how warm/cool they like to be, what name to choose and how to groom them properly.

How to Raise a Happy Cat shows how to make the perfect sleep spot, learning more about exercise and play, and help kittens or ageing cats.

how to adopt or  foster a cat (or cats)

Blue Cross has info on lots of cats and kittens waiting for loving homes. You can of course find feline friends at local shelters. Plus information on types of cats and whether you are suitable to rehome one. View the pets tag to learn more on species-specific information.

Cats Protection League has helpful advice and can offer assistance if you need to give up cats, so they can be rehomed. It also runs Lifeline, a fostering service for families escaping from domestic abuse.

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