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Be My Eyes is one of the world’s most popular charity apps, where there are (unusually) more people wishing to give than receive. This is great fun for us – you sign up and then basically any blind person worldwide can contact you, to ask them to ‘be their eyes’, from reading a recipe, to deciphering a colour or reading instructions. Such a simple idea, but it’s transforming people’s lives worldwide. Not exactly a ‘charity’ more a ‘charitable app’, but worth listing all the same.

Be sure to check online benefits calculators, as often disabled people (and their carers) are not receiving the full benefits they are entitled to. Sometimes you can claim around 3 months backpay (if you didn’t know). But you have to ask, it’s not offered automatically. Visit help our carers tag for more helpful resources.

  1. You can claim discounts on on your TV license if you are registered blind. One of the most bonkers rules in England is that you also get a discount as a blind person if your TV is black-and-white? Why on earth is this not free?
  2. Relay is a free app to help people who have difficulty using the telephone. You can also register with BT Protected Services Scheme, so they have another contact to avoid cutting off your bill, in case you forget to pay. BT Home Essentials offers cheaper calls and broadband (and ask about BT Priority Repair and free BT directory enquiries).
  3. If you’re registered blind, Royal Mail offers free postage (national and international) of books, printed materials, audio/electronic media and mobility aids. Also benefit from free loan of digital radios and touch-to-see book.

healthy eyes supplement in sustainable packaging

dr vegan screen eyes

Screen Eyes is a quality supplement formulated by expert nutritionists, sold with a metal tin on the first order, then just order refills in sustainable pouches from then on. As well as helping to prevent age-related macular degeneration, it’s also ideal for people suffering from digital eye strain (too much time online). Recommended by opticians, it’s packed with nutrients to support eye health & vision.

Before taking supplements, check with GP if pregnant/nursing or you have medical conditions or are taking medication. Keep supplements away from young children & pets.

One reviewer (age 90) took this daily for 14 months and after being monitored at a hospital for age-related macular degeneration and possible glaucoma. After a recent check-up, an annual eye test found that one eye could read 3 rows lower than a year before, therefore changing the prescription.

It is estimated that around 80% of adults now suffer from digital eye strain, with more cases of age-related macular degeneration too. Good tips to protect the eyes include eating carotenoids (like carrots), spending time offline and wearing sustainable sunglasses (and getting a regular eye test).

Macular carotenoids is what helps our eyes, and this supplement contains them, to help form macular pigment for long-term vision. It also contains nutrients to help light-sensitive tissue that lines the inside of your retina, and is responsible for colour vision and 20/20 (sharp) vision. It also contains bilberry (an antioxidant for eye health that helps prevent tired eyes and supports healthy retina function).

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