luxury vegan wallet

Watson & Wolfe of London offers luxury vegan leather wallets and accessories. The brand was founded by a woman who began her career working in leather goods, believing that leather was a by-product of the meat industry. However when she discovered the unimaginable suffering of animals in the leather industry (along with the environmental issues), she used her experience to launch a luxury brand of personalised alternatives. She also went vegan!

This is a quality brand (you can opt for personal engraving of initials for gifts). The name Watson is from the founder’s beloved Dachshund who has been by her side since puppyhood and now in his senior years, follows her almost everywhere, when not snoozing in his bed in her office! As dogs are descended from wolves, this is how the brand name was founded.

Choose from many styles and colours, many made with sustainable and recycled materials. You can buy wallets and purses, credit card holders, passport holders and even bags and belts.

WaveCase Cactus Leather Card Holder is made from an innovative soft plant-based leather, with 4 card slots and a centre pouch to hold cash and receipts.

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