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People are giving up buying expensive ad-filled magazines to switch to one or two quality publications of evergreen content to read again, or gift to others. High printing costs means many magazines are switching to online (paywall) content. The Countryman almost reached its 100th birthday (before folding due to rising costs) and one major publisher (which prints People’s Friend) recently closed six titles, due to falling subscriptions.

Women in particular are giving up buying ad-filled magazines that make them feel bad about themselves. Many hair salons stopped selling ‘gossip magazines’ after the suicide of TV presenter Caroline Flack. Pop unwanted magazines in the recycling bin (not the compost bin, due to printing inks).

Breathe is a beautifully illustrated magazine, focused on mindfulness to calm an active brain. From learning yoga to spending time in nature to balancing your chakras, its ‘little sister’ magazine Teen Breathe is focused on helping the younger generation (aged 8 to 14). .

happiful magazine

Happiful is a 90-page ad-free magazine full of uplifting stories, to support good mental health. Enjoyed by over 140,000 readers, the magazine was founded by two sisters, and is carbon-neutral. Choose a monthly or yearly subscription, which you cancel any time. You can also order single-issue back copies, while stocks last.

The two sisters also founded Counselling Directory, where you can enter your postcode to find the best phone or in-personal councillor. They both experienced mental health issues while at school and university, and know how it feels to be overwhelmed, so used their experiences to help others quickly find one of over 22,000 listed trusted therapists. The sisters run a similar site to find qualified hypnotherapists.

This suite of magazines and websites is run by a team of 40 in Surrey. All designed to remove thte stigma of mental health issues, the magazine (also available digitally) is sold nationwide in shops or subscribe to the free e-magazine.

Most of the magazine is made up of authentic true stories and Happiful Hacks. Example articles are:

  • What to do when drinking leads to overthinking
  • What to do if you’re treated like an unofficial therapist
  • Why you should go beyond your comfort zone
  • Homework strategies for children with ADHD
  • The introvert’s guide to public speaking
  • 100 ways to relax (there’s something for everyone)

Mindset Magazine is dedicated to the health of the mind. Ideal for people who have mental health issues (or are related or are healthcare professionals), this publication shares knowledge to help and give hope. Sample articles include:

  1. Putting an end to abusive relationships
  2. Learning to calm a racing mind
  3. Six ways to overcome fear & anxiety
  4. Answers on obessive compulsive disorder
  5. Who is caring for our carers?

How to Cope With Almost Anything looks at hypnotherapy, one of the oldest forms of healing. With access to 23 audio sessions included, this book shows how it can improve mental health, reduce stress levels, enhance coping and make modern life more manageable. Written by an experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has worked in medical and private practice for nearly 20 years, this book also teaches you how to use self-hypnosis.

Powerful is a book for the nonstop ‘people pleasers’ on learning how to empower your life. If you often react to situations defensively or have difficulty with procrastination (or are stuck in a vicious circle of making others more important to leave you overwhelmed with your own life), this book is for you. How you’re wired has a lot to do with why you worry about certain things. Maisie looks at stress hormones and the nervous system, to show how to take back control of the things holding you back in life. Built on two decades as a life coach, learning to understand yourself better and making senes of stress responses, helps you to set boundaries and face difficult conversations, as well as deal with criticism, decisions and emotions. Then find practical solutions to identify areas of life to work on, with case studies to inspire.

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