our last best act

Our Last Best Act is for anyone who wishes to leave a legacy (beyond a  transfer of money and property) to ensure a sustainable earth for loved ones, communities and generations to come. With the sudden death of both her parents, the author found herself in this position. Utterly unprepared both emotionally or practically, she began to research sustainable practices around death and dying, to honour their commitment to caring for the earth. What started out as a personal endeavour expanded into a year-long exploration and assessment of green burials, green cemetaries and home funerals.

Environmental educator Mallory bridges the gap between environmental action and religious faith, by showing that when the two are combined, they become a powerful force for the greater good. Full of practical information and support, the book equips readers to make decisions for their own end-of-life. In a world experiencing a climate crisis (and a culture that avoids discussions about death and dying), this book opens the conversation about choices we make, to create a sustainable legacy and help to heal the earth.

A worthwhile and pleasant book that aids a valuable purpose in our complicated times, and truly speaks to one of the deepest responsibilities of being human: caring for and burying our dead. Elizabeth Fournier

how to make a simple affordable Will

Many people have not made a Will, which means when you die, you have no control over who your estate goes to. Even if you have few assets, making a simple Living Will and Will lets others know your wishes. Farewill offers a good simple will, just fill in the form, receive your Will, get it signed and store it safely.

You can’t leave money to pets, but you can leave money to look after them. If you have no-one to look after them if you die, Dog’s Trust Care Card is ideal to keep on your person, and they will try to find loving homes, keeping pets together.

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