date sweetened almond butter latte

This recipe for a oat milk latte (Rainbow Plant Life) will have you giving up your uber-expensive dairy latte at the chain store cafe, and indulging in a homemade version instead, served in a real mug! Made with heart-healthy oat milk (ReRooted is a brand sold in returnable glass bottles),

Avoid caffeine if pregnant/nursing or for affected medical conditions. NHS says no more than one cup of coffee a day for pregnant women (less for coffee shops, as they’re stronger) or 2 cups of mild tea (or avoid entirely for safety). Read more on food safety for people & pets.

Latest research suggests caffeine from spent grounds/leaves could harm creatures in the compost bin, so just bin to break down naturally.

Made with almond butter (Meridian Foods is an organic brand with no palm oil), the latte is sweetened with sticky Medjool dates. You can switch this recipe by using Swiss-water decaffeined coffee, English breakfast or Earl grey tea. The latte is flavoured with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, orange peel and vanilla, for a real winter warmer!

Oat milk not only makes wonderfully thick and foamy cappuccinos and hot chocolates, but oats can be locally-grown, so are good to help support the local economy. Farmers can join the Transformation Project, where experts set them up with seeds and growing advice, to join this lucrative new way to earn money if you have land (livestock animals are then left to live out their lives in peace). This helps long-treasured family farms to stay in business, as we transition to a plant-based world.

iced matcha latte with mint recipe

iced matcha latte with mint

This iced matcha latte with mint (Minimalist Baker) is a refreshing shake, a good way to try out matcha powder (a Japanese superfood green tea, which is great to use also as natural food colouring to turn your cakes and bakes bright green!) Naturally sweetened with pitted dates.

The shake uses coconut milk (we like Nature’s Charm, which is sold in tins and guaranteed free from monkey-slave harvesting). The shake also contains fresh mint leaves (you can add a little real mint extract too if you want this shake extra-minty). Matcha isn’t local, but it’s a good alternative to high-caffeine drinks. Also bright green lattes are pretty!

a beetroot plant-based latte mix

organic beetroot latte mix

Sweet Revolution’s Plant-Based Latte mix is made with earthy beetroot and fiery ginger, for a delicious warming drink, just add to steaming hot plant  cacao milk, for a frothy English-style cappuccino. Free from gluten and refined sugar, this mix turns a beautiful pink colour, and also includes antioxidants, glutamine (an amino acid good for the gut) and compounds from ginger.

Ideal to drink in the morning or after a workout, beetroot has been enjoyed since ancient Greek times for its health benefits, taste and natural food colouring (it’s used extensively in Eastern Europe and Nordic cooking like for borscht soup). Athletes even drink beetroot juice before competing in events.

This latte mix combined beetroot juice powder with a little raw cacao powder (from a farmer’s cooperative in Peru to support the local economy), a touch of ginger and unrefined coconut nectar to sweeten (a much lower GI than refined white sugar and a nicer taste too). If you like colourful drinks, how about this pretty purple yam latte (Foodaciously)? Nutritious and a unique talking point too!

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