vegan hot chocolate

Hot chocolate dates back thousands of years and was even given to soldiers as medicine. But today most brands contain refined sugar and palm oil and cheap chocolate. From the Aztec word for ‘xocoatl’, here are simple recipes made with plant milk and better brands to buy.

This recipe for vegan hot chocolate (Rainbow Plant Life) combines cocoa powder and melted dark chocolate for the ultimate rich drink. Top with vegan double cream.

Avoid caffeine for pregnancy/nursing. Keep chocolate away from pets, due to unsafe ingredients (cocoa, nuts, salt, dried fruits, xylitol). If ordering line, use a letterbox guard. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

the best brands of vegan hot chocolate

pump street drinking chocolate

Pump Street Chocolate is sold in pink tins, just melt discs into hot plant milk. Choose from Ecuador (toffee, toasted walnut, cocoa), Bali (brown sugar, prune, hazelnut) or West Papua (almond, olive oil, sour cherry).

Knoops hot chocolate flakes is expensive (around £10) but after 2 cups, it’s paid for itself over coffee-shop hot chocolates. The ‘milky version’ uses toasted gluten-free oats with single-estate dark chocolate.

Montezuma’s Hot Chocolate Disks are sold in a pack of 20. Just place two to three discs in a cup of hot milk, and stir after a few minutes. The company is named after Emperor Montezuma II who drank up to 50 mugs a day, before entertaining his harem! Too many cups gives you ‘Montezuma’s revenge!

vegan hot chocolate

Harry’s Vegan Hot Chocolate offers tinned varieties including orange chocolate , mint and white hot chocolate.

vegan hot chocolate

choose plant-based marshmallows

Most marshmallows contain gelatine (animal bones). You can buy vegan marshmallows, Dandies is made with organic ingredients. Due to gummy nature, keep away from children and pets.

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