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Although McDonald’s now offers McPlant burgers, many people prefer not to support a chain that makes billions by selling 900 million Big Macs yearly, along with many other products that kill millions of animals each year. It does cook its vegan patties on separate equipment (something it doesn’t do abroad for its fries – and both Burger King and KFC don’t use separate equipment to cook plant-based foods, which rather defeats the point).

Vegan Kevin has a super ‘Big Mac’ recipe. Just grill the patties and layer up with a simple sauce with chopped onions and sliced vegan cheese, to serve in buns.

Keep faux meats and cheeses away from animal friends. Never give leftovers to pets, garden birds or wildlife, due to salt and fats. Read how to keep people & pets safe in the kitchen.

Plant-based Big Macs are obviously healthier as an occasional treat, and cholesterol-free. You can make a ‘vegan Big Mac’ yourself without a recipe. Just air-fry, bake or grill favourite veggie burgers then layer in seeded buns with lettuce, onions, pickles and sliced vegan cheese, along with a ‘Big Mac’ sauce (vegan mayo, relish, onion powder, ketchup and a little maple syrup).

Created for steelworkers over 50 years ago as a ‘hearty meal’ after a day at the mills, one Big Mac accounts for around 25% of recommended daily calories, almost half the fat intake and most of your day’s salt recommendation (and that’s without the usually-accompanying fries and cola).

Returning after a four-year hiatius, the Double Big Mac piles ingredients even higher, more or less going over all recommended intakes. Of course such meals are defended as an ‘occasional treat’. But we know that fast food is addictive, and it’s unlikely that fans who buy one, will stop at one a month. Aussie chef Curtis King says this burger should come with a health warning.

Thee Burger Dude has a pretty authentic recipe. You can buy ready-made burgers to simplify the recipe, which layers them with iceberg lettuce, vegan mayo, sliced vegan cheese in buns, served in a tomato spicy chilli sauce.

Plantifully Based makes a real effort to replicate the ‘secret special sauce’, even though this chef has never eaten a Big Mac. As she won’t buy one, she has done her research to ‘figure out what the heck is in there’ and comes up with a blend of mustard, pickle relish and onion powder.

An Edible Mosaic takes a different route and goes for a lentil burger, more natural and affordable. You can make a double batch of these freezable burgers, and again the ‘special sauce’ has similar ingredients (vegan mayo, ketchup, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, onion and garlic powder).

a plant-based ‘vegan Chicken Big Mac’

Liv B offers a simple tasty recipe for the other type of Big Mac, which again you can simplify by using vegan ready-made chicken. Then layer up the same way again with a Big Mac similar sauce.

a plant-based ‘egg McMuffin’ recipe

This easy breakfast sandwich (Notably Vegan) with a base of tofu (or sub  with vegan bacon) uses turmeric for the yellow colour and a little black salt (to mimic the taste/smell of egg). Served with tomatoes, spinach and sliced  vegan cheese on toasted English muffins.

less Big Macs means less fast food litter

In February 2023, an almost intact polystyrene wrapper was found close to a branch of Mcdonald’s, dumped in a bush in Evesham, Worcestershire. Volunteers dated the box back to 1996, showing our councils don’t do a very good job of keeping the streets litter-free.

You can report litter (an offence) on council land at Fix My Street (which has a legal duty to clear it up, no matter who dropped it). For private land, councils can serve litter abatement orders (which can end up in the magistrate’s court). And also have powers to move in and remove litter (and reclaim the costs, if necessary).

One farmer had a great idea of putting vehicle registration plate numbers on fast food receipts. So if people throw fast food litter out their car windows and it’s later retrieved, the culprits get a fine in the post, just like with speeding tickets. Why hasn’t anyone picked this idea up?

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