Lanyon Quoit Gill Wild

Gill Wild

You’ve likely heard of Stonehenge in Wiltshire (although the council has had to ban some ‘local hippies’ from celebrating the Solstice, due to leaving litter (not very earth-friendly). But England has many other prehistoric monuments including Lanyon Quoit  (the most photographed of all the many in Cornwall). However this is the least authentic, as the original collapsed in storm back in 1815, so it’s kind of a new version! It’s though that too many kept digging underneath to find treasure, that possibly never existed!

Many ancient stones (including Stonehenge – likely travelling on glaciers) are thought to be burial mounds, where people in ancient times would have removed the flesh of dead ancestors for carrion birds to eat, then visit the bones to consult with the dead.

Cornish standing stones Gill Wild

Gill Wild

The Cornish standing stones date from the Bronze Age, and again were likely to do with burial sites (they range from 5 to 15 feet).  Perhaps the local red kites flying above these ancient stones (mostly found in the southwest) are the only ones who know exactly why they were built?

red kites Gill Wild

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