the insect epiphany

The Insect Epiphany is a buzz-worthy book by a leading entomologist on how insects are needed as pollinators, preators and prey and how they play an often overlooked role in our culture. Their anatomy and habitats inform how we live, build, create and take flight. Also learn more on ants (and how to humanely deter them).

If growing plants and flowers to attract beneficial insects, learn how to make your garden safe for pets.

Insects surround us, and fuel life as pollinators, predators and prey, and this book looks at how they benefit the world, with 250 colour images from ancient etchings to modern art, to inspire.

All around us, these marvellous little beings exhibit every form, colour and behaviour imaginable. Our very existence depends on the insects around us. They provide ecological services by pollinating, decomposing and feeding others, without which ecosystems would crumble.

about the author

Barrett Klein studied entomology at Cornell University and University of Arizona, and also received a Ph.D at University of Texas. He is one of the world’s experts on insects! His passion is to transform the minds of those who squish insects with a shoe, to recognise insects as amazing organisms that do vast amounts of good for the planet.

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