Makini's vegan kitchen

Have you ever bought a recipe book, and found recipes not quite up to par? No fears with these books, as the authors are professional chefs. If nobody liked their food, they would not have able to build successful restaurants! And although plant-based food is now a lot more up-to-date than of yesteryear, it still helps if you have people for dinner, and don’t end up with a total vegan disaster meal on the table! Here are books by chefs who can cook – and can also teach you how to cook!

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

Makini’s Vegan Kitchen is a super recipe book by a professional chef from Seattle, who runs a highly successful restaurant and used to be Stevie Wonder’s personal cook. Uniquely, she has been vegan from birth (as has her chef brother Ayinde Howell who once made a vegan mac and cheese for Queen Latifah on her TV show who couldn’t tell the difference).

This book offers inspired recipes from one of the USA’s highest-ranked vegan fine-dining restaurants, focusing on local seasonal produce. The 60 boldly-flavoured dishes for every mood include:

  1. French toast with strawberries & soy cream
  2. Barbecue oyster-mushroom sliders with pickled onions
  3. Tofu & roasted yam sliders
  4. Plum’s smoky mac
  5. Cauliflower bisque with fresh fennel
  6. Blue corn pizza with pesto-grilled heirloom tomatoes
  7. Quinoa risotto with panko-fried portobellos
  8. Black plum & ginger sorbet
  9. Fresh blueberry shortcake
  10. Tiramisu pancakes

We so appreciate the wonderfully creative recipes in this very beautiful cookbook. Joaquin Phoenix

The food at Plum Bistro is a testament to the talented head chef Makini. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in the world. India.Arie

Makini Howell is a chef who runs a fine-dining restaurant in Seattle and has her finger in many vegan pies including a burger truck! Stevie Wonder loved her food so much he asked her to take a sabbatical to be his personal chef when he went on tour. She says he’s a very funny man who loves saying to people ‘Look at me when I’m talking to you’. Although he loved most things she made, once she made him pickled watermelon radishes’. He said ‘Makini, please don’t do that again!’

recipes by a French-Canadian Buddhist chef

easy apple tart

The Buddhist Chef’s Homestyle Cooking is a book by a popular French-Canadian chef who says that rather keep making hundreds of recipes, just keep practicing until you have a good base of 10 or so excellent recipes to enjoy again and again. Food to learn in this book includes:

  1. Tuscan soup
  2. Macarini salad with jalapeno-marinated tofu
  3. Shawarma tofu wraps
  4. Ratatouille lasagne with almond ricotta
  5. Buffalo cauliflower
  6. Flaky pastry apple tart
  7. Trio of vegan cupcakes

recipes by a gifted Welsh plant-based chef

plants only kitchen

Plants Only Kitchen is by ‘man of the moment’ Gaz Oakley, a phenomenally talented Welsh chef, who is now working with top restaurants and hotels worldwide. Yet his high-protein recipes remain simple to make, mostly in one pot and some taking less than 15 minutes. Join his one million followers to make:

  1. Porridge (three ways)
  2. Corn chowder in bread bowl
  3. Mushroom buckwheat crepes with asparagus
  4. Incredible one-pot tomato pasta
  5. My dad’s potato chilli bake
  6. BBQ ‘meatloaf’
  7. Apple & blackberry pies
  8. Sticky orange crepes

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