the art of raw desserts

Rather than always scour the supermarket shelves for vegan desserts, why not have a go at making your own? There are quite a few good recipe books to help you on your way, using natural ingredients like fresh fruits and nuts. The Art of Raw Desserts is a stellar collection of amazing recipes by raw chef Crystal Bonnet. You’ll learn how to make perfect raw creamy chocolates using the freezer or dehydrator.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends). 

Recipes in this amazing book include:

  1. Apple crumble caramel cheesecake
  2. Mango berry crepes
  3. Pecan pie with rosemary & orange
  4. Banana cream pie with gingerbread crust
  5. Chocolate mousse cake
  6. Double-chocolate red velvet brownies
  7. Three-layer tiraimsu
  8. Mocha donuts with espresso glaze
  9. Hazelnut praline tarts
  10. Blackberry ginger lime cheesecake

Crystal Bonnet is one of the world’s top raw dessert chefs. Based in Canada, she is a graduate of Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and the Pure Joy Academy.

incredibly easy plant-based desserts & cakes

no-bake vegan desserts

No-Bake Vegan Desserts is a stunning book by a classically-trained Irish chef. From fancy cakes to plant-based versions of banoffee pie and tiramisu, everything is beautifully made and photographed. And healthy too! Christina Leopold is a classically-trained Irish chef and baker, who specialises in raw desserts, cakes and bakes.

plant-based desserts by an Aussie baker

incredible plant-based desserts

Incredible Plant-Based Desserts offers an assortment of colourful treats by an acclaimed Australian baker. Many are raw and all are beautifully crafted. Recipes include:

  1. Failsafe tiramisu trifles
  2. Pink donuts
  3. 3-ingredient pancakes
  4. Fruit-filled muffins
  5. Berry chocolate mousse tarts
  6. Rainbow cashew buttercream cupcakes
  7. Vegan snickers

Anthea Cheng is a classically trained baker in Australia, who used to run a custom cake delivery service. But now focuses teaching people online how to make healthy desserts and cakes.

allergy-friendly plant-based desserts & cakes

baked with love allergen-friendly vegan desserts

Baked with Love offers over 100 allergy-friendly vegan desserts. Now you can have your treats and still lead a healthy lifestyle, with Bree’s recipes that use natural quality ingredients, with many options free from gluten, grains and nuts. Recipes include:

  1. Red velvet cupcakes
  2. Brownie cheesecake
  3. S’mores brownies
  4. Caramel-stuffed choc chip cookies
  5. Chocolate hazelnut cake

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