cinnamon spiced pears

This recipe for cinnamon-spiced pears (Minimalist Baker) is an ideal way to use up a glut of fruit. Try to buy pears from farm shops, as most pears in supermarkets are frozen and chilled then sent from abroad, so are nothing like ripe juicy pears in season. They will also be cheaper and taste better!

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods including fruit pips/seeds, cloves and nutmeg are unsafe around animal friends).

Surprisingly for a fruit, pears are rich in calcium, so make great foods for vegans and people with osteoporosis. Native to Asia, nevertheless we have lots of pear trees in community orchards. Alas, England’s second-oldest pear tree was recently chopped down, to make way for the disastrous HS2 project (we need life to slow down, not build high-speed trains). Based on other models, the project will not only do nothing to stop climate change, but kill around 22,000 native wildlife each year, once (and hopefully not if) built.

roasted pears in ginger syrup

roasted pears in ginger syrup

This recipe for roasted pears in ginger syrup (Full of Plants) is an ideal way to use up a glut of fruit. Sweetened with maple syrup, serve with coconut cream (Nature’s Charm or The Coconut Collab are good brands).

ginger orange cheesecake with poached pears

ginger orange vegan cheesecake with poached pears

Ginger Orange Cheesecake with Poached Pears (Rainbow Plant Life) combines ginger cookies and pecan nuts, with a rich filling made from soaked cashews and coconut cream. Find brands of palm-oil-free vegan biscuits.

no-bake pear chocolate tart 

no bake pear chocolate tart

This no-bake pear chocolate tart (Full of Plants) features a 5-minute nutty crust and a 3-ingredient chocolate ganache filling with almond milk and butter.

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