Brussels sprouts tater tots

Brussels sprouts were indeed named after the Belgian capital, but are synonymous as an ‘English vegetable’ that many people love, and others don’t like (often due to childhood memories of sulphur-smelling over-cooked Brussels sprouts, a condition that can be cured for most people! They are cheap and easy to find, and the base of many Sunday roast dinners, and of course Christmas dinner. Often locally-grown, however most supermarkets tend not to sell them loose, preferring instead to sell them in plastic bags. Look in markets and farm shops.

These 5-ingredient tater tots (So Vegan) are an ideal way to use up leftover Brussels sprouts and potatoes. They are kind of like a Brussels-sprouts vegan version of potato cheese croquettes, which your mum likely made you, during childhood days. Serve with ketchup.

are Brussel sprouts safe to eat for everyone?

Brussels sprouts are safe for most people, they are choking hazards for babies, young children and people with with swallowing difficulties. They should also not be eaten by people with thyroid issues (also check medication, as some ban large amounts of dark green leafy veggies, due to vitamin K). 

Although Brussels sprouts are not toxic to pets (but could be choking hazards), it’s best not to feed them as they can cause gas (and therefore bloat). Plus most Brussels sprouts recipes contain unsafe ingredients (salt, onion, garlic, nutmeg). Read more on keeping people & pets safe in the kitchen (many ‘human foods’ are unsafe, including fresh dough if making bread, pasta or pastry).

how to buy, store & prepare Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are in season from October to March. Store in a cool dark place (like a pantry) for a few days, or in the fridge. Twist the sprouts off the stalk, removing damaged yellow leaves. You only need to cut larger ones.

Many people say they don’t like Brussel sprouts, but often that’s due to childhood memories of overcooked soggy Brussels, with a sulphur smell. Try cooking in cold water with a pinch of salt, then bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes, then serve with a little vegan butter (Flora is palm-oil-free). You don’t need to ‘make a cross’ in the base, in fact this could make them go soggy. You can also roast sprouts for 20 to 30 minutes in the oven.

If wishing to grow Brussels, learn how to grow your own organic food (also learn how to make your garden wildlife-friendly and make your garden safe for pets).

air-fryer Brussels sprouts

air-fryer Brussels sprouts

Air-fryer Brussels sprouts (Broke Bank Vegan) only need a little olive oil and a few simple seasonings, to create a veggie side dish that tastes like it’s fried, but isn’t! Air-fryers are sold in all good kitchen stores, and a great way to enjoy ‘fatty foods’ without the fat.

pasta with Brussels sprouts & tahini

Pasta with Brussels sprouts & tahini (Short Girl, Tall Order) makes use of an English favourite vegetable, who would have thought of combining it with pasta? The tasty greens are combined with tahini, a jar of sesame seed pasta (rich in calcium) that you can find in all shops these days. This recipe uses tahini (creamed sesame seeds) and vegan butter (Flora is free from palm oil), plus a little optional white wine (most will burn off during cooking). You can buy pasta in paper packaging from Yorkshire Pasta and Northern Pasta.

Brussels sprouts with garlic & miso

Brussel sprouts with garlic and miso

Brussels sprouts with garlic & miso combines one of our most traditional vegetables with a Japanese condiment (choose pasteurised for pregnancy/nursing) that is one of the few foods to contain all the ‘umami’ tastes. It’s also very good for your tummy, so an ideal recipe for poor digestion.

sweet & sticky Brussels sprouts noodles

Brussels sprouts sticky sweet noodles

Sweet & sticky Brussels sprouts noodles (So Vegan) lends itself well to the fact that these veggies are great in stir-fries. Ideal to use leftovers on Boxing Day, these are pan-fried and then served with crispy tofu and noodles in a tangy sauce.

Indian-style Brussels bhaji

Brussels sprouts Bhaji

Brussels Sprouts Bhaji (Full of Plants) elevates the humble vegetable to curry night at home. Made with chickpea flour, these swap onions for Brussels sprouts, and are served with a mint yoghurt dipping sauce.

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