vegan garlic bread

Garlic bread is on the menu for pasta night! But most ready-made garlic bread made with factory-farmed animal ingredients in plastic packaging. So why not make your own? Vegan Garlic Bread (The Veg Space) is made with parsley, plus palm-oil-free vegan butter and optional vegan cheese.

Keep all alliums (including garlic) away from pets. Read more on food safety for people & petsKeep fresh dough away from pets, as it can expand in the stomach. Never give stale/crusty/mouldy bread to garden birds or wildfowl, nor buttered bread (fat can smear on feathers, affecting waterproofing and insulation).

Garlic bread is a dish created by Italian-American immigrants, updating the Italian bruschetta (served with olive oil before butter was used), slicing a baguette diagonally to stuff with butter, herbs (and sometimes cheese) before baking in the oven. It’s usually then torn at the table, to accompany a meal.

Garlic bread – it’s the future. I’ve tasted it. Brian Potter (played by Peter Kay in Phoenix Nights)

To make your own garlic bread, just slice a baguette (or ciabatta) in half and toast one side for a couple of minutes. Then mix up vegan butter ((or this homemade garlic herb butter by So Vegan) with minced garlic and fresh chopped parsley (or any Italian herb), and spread over the baguette with a knife, sprinkle with grated vegan cheese. Grill for a few minutes, slice up and cool, just before serving. Best eaten fresh.

air fryer garlic bread

Try this Air Fryer Crispy Garlic Bread (Full of Plants). Ready in 7 minutes, it needs just 6 ingredients including cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast.

how garlic travelled the world!

Although garlic is considered a Mediterranean vegetable, it has a strong history in England. It first arrived on shore in 1548 and just a few years later, was being recommended to treat skin diseases, due to being effective against cholera and other diseases. During the big influenza pandemic of 1918, it was also used to treat soldiers. As a sidenote, this was how Pilates started, when Joseph Pilates (who had healed himself through various exercises), taught prisoners his exercises, and those who became skilled survived. Hitler wanted him to train the troops, but but as a firm pacifist, he escaped by boat, met his wife on the ship, and on arrival in the USA they opened the first Pilates studio.

Garlic was also used as an antiseptic to clean wounds (only for humans, garlic is toxic to pets). But the humble bulb soon fell out of favour, only becoming popular again when people in Victorian times discovered French food. The folks at Isle of Wight’s garlic farm says that when they opened it during the 1980s, some people believed it would not succeed. But they knew better, as the co-founder’s granny had planted some after three French fighters in Cowes missed it so much, they asked a resistance fighter to fly some out!

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