save our birds

Save Our Birds is a wonderful book by Matt Sewell, an ornithologist and artist who creates gorgeous fun books to educate people on all our lovely birdlife. In this book, he gets a bit more serious and celebrates our endangered birds, and also offers tips on how to protect them.

Don’t encourage birds to gardens if you live with cats (keep feline friends inside at dawn and dusk, when birds are likely feeding). Don’t play birdsong near birds, it can make them vulnerable to predators. Learn how to create safe havens for garden birds and how to stop birds flying into windows

Leaving no habitat unexplored around the British Isles, he provides a wealth of practical advice on how to help birds in cities, coastlands, woodlands and farms. From bird-friendly nestboxes to community projects, discover steps to save our birds! And why not have a book-buying bonanza, and get his other books too!

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