tales of the prehistoric world

Apparently so, though not many! Herbivore dinosaur groups were Heterodontosaurus, Lesothosaurus, Scelidosaurus, Hypsilophodon and Psittacosaurus. England’s Jurassic coast is home to the fossils of many of our ancient dinosaurs, especially on Isle of Wight and Dorset. At Weymouth Museum, there is the fossil of a dino that was so big and fierce, he could eat you in two bites!

Tales of the Prehistoric World is the ultimate educational guide for young readers on the Jurassic World of dinosaurs. Prepare yourself for jaw-dropping discoveries, scandalous stories and dinosaurs so weird, you won’t believe they’re real! The tales in this dinosaur book are all completely true. Readers will come face-to-face with incredible prehistoric beasts including Aussie dinosaurs that fossilised into gemstones, a prehistoric shark with a circular saw in its mouth and a relative of T Rex, that was found frozen on top of a mountain in Antarctica.

Chapters are broken down to cover the whole of Earth’s history, which also serves an important purpose to avoid potty ‘creationism’ education. Believe in God yes, but the planet is not a few thousand years ago, so don’t teach tripe to children, to fit in with religious beliefs. The book covers The Beginning (prehistoric goo and the first squishy animals), An Explosion of Life (king-sized trilobites, armoured fish and giant bugs) and The Age of Reptiles (spiny sauropods, pterosaurs the size of aeroplanes and musical dinosaurs!) The Recent Past features gigantic snakes, Ice Age mammots, sabre-toothed cats and hairy primates.

The book also shines a light on the work of palaentologists including Susan Hendrickson (who discovered the most complete T Rex ever found) and Nizar Ibrahim (whose discoveries in the Sahara desert changed everything we thought we knew about Spinosaurus (spoiler: it could swim!)  Kallie Moore is a fossil expert who manages the paleontology collection at University of Montana (she even searched for tiny fossils in her playground gravel as a child!) Illustrator Becky Thorns is based in Cornwall.

take a yoga class with dinosaurs!

Dino Yoga is a fun and charming book to teach children how to do yoga. The four adorable dinosaurs will show how to perform all the basic poses, in order to relax, focus and st ay calm. Get children off the screen and onto the mat with child-friendly tips on how to better handle their emotions.

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