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Cancer is a family of diseases, when the body’s immune system turns on itself. We all have cancer cells, it’s when things go wrong that things get serious. Cancer is particularly dangerous when cells invade other tissues (and some cancers like pancreatic cancer often don’t show symptoms until in advanced stage). Tumours in themselves are not dangerous (a wart is a tumour!). It’s when tumours cannot be cut out that the issues arise.

Symptoms of cancer vary. You may find growing moles to jaundice to sores, pain is not always the main symptom. Due to cancer being the cause of 16% of all deaths worldwide, it is often talked about in the media and politics. Yet despite what you hear, not all cancer is caused by genes, smoking and the midday sun. Other types may be caused by air pollution, environmental toxins, certain foods and even some beauty/cleaning/laundry products. Yet government often does not regular certain ingredients, as profits help to create ‘economic growth’ for greater GDP.

Treatment for cancer also differs. Orthodox medicine says to use radiation therapy and chemotherapy (which also kill healthy cells, so you need to then build yourself up again after treatment). Some alternative therapies can help, but the industry is not well-regulated, so you have to beware of quacks. The more sensible route is to choose integrated medicine route (for instance, use chemo for the tumour, then use meditation and massage to help you heal from both cancer and the chemo).

tips to help prevent cancer

It’s not always possible if your cancer is genetic or caused by factors that you can’t control (say asbestos poisoning). But almost half of cancers are thought to be preventable, and official advice condensed from all experts is:

Eat well (not too much meat or dairy). Limit alcohol and give up smoking, and stay protected from hot sun. Do anything that boosts immunity (exercise, meditation, prayer, yoga – if it feels good, do it!)

Live an organic lifestyle (breastfeeding helps reduce cancer risks for mothers later in life). Choose natural beauty/cleaning/laundry/paint products (find the best brands on this site, just use the search box above). Buy less but better (this includes natural deodorants, as they are applied near lymph nodes). Choose unscented products for pregnancy/nursing, affected medical conditions and near babies/pets.

Daniella Chace is a nutritional oncology experts (she knows what to eat/avoid to prevent/treat cancer). Read her books Home Detox and Healing Smoothies for Cancer. Another good (and responsibly-written) book is Holistic Cancer Care, which is by a medical herbalist who specialises in holistic oncology, and has decades of clinical experience with cancer patients.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a US organisation that trains volunteers to teach patients how to cook food to prevent/treat cancer (all plant-based, and mostly free from sugar and refined oil – you still eat fats – real olives over olive oil). The site has useful info by cancer type.

HRT medicine has side effects and many brands are made from hormone-rich urine from chained horses. Instead, try natural supplements in compostable packaging – Feel and Dr Vegan MenoFriend can relieve night sweats and brain fog.

Use your vote to fight for a world free of environmental toxins (fracking is known to cause cancer, yet Liz Truss when Prime Minister could not begin fast enough to try to water down legislation). American biologist Sandra Steingraber (the ‘poet with a knife’) was told her bladder cancer diagnosis was due to her mother having the same condition – but she was adopted. Some also believe pumping hormones is to blame. If you eat dairy and meat, choose free-range versions. Read this ecological doctor’s prescription for healing.

Get support from charities to help. Penny Brohn (Bristol), Yes to Life (an integrated medicine organisation) and The Holistic Cancer Centre (led by trained nurses) all offer free help over the phone or online.

Don’t bother with pink ribbon campaigns. This is complete greenwash (many companies promoting it use carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals in their products. Choose natural hair dyes (especially for dark hair to avoid the chemical PPD). The original campaign was started in the US by a cancer survivor using a peach ribbon. She would not allow the big guns to use it for their toxic chemicals, just to earn money. So they simply hijacked the idea and changed the ribbon colour instead.

switch donations to humane medical research

anti-vivisection congress 1913

International Anti-Vivisection Congress, 1913

If you ask ‘the establishment’, they will all say the same thing: give lots of money to the major  cancer research charity until a cure is found. Not so fast, tiger. There are huge issues with this. Firstly, medical research using animals is not just cruel and expensive, but massively outdated. There are vested interests in keeping the status quo due to huge donations (most main charity incomes are spent on animal research).

Yet humane research charities (that use modern cheaper quicker models instead of live animals) do brilliant work and have boffins who are just as clever. Yet get a tiny percentage of charity donations and no government grants. So only donate to humane research charities, and it’s likely we’ll find cures for dementia and other  serious diseases much sooner.

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