Pound cakes used to be very popular when food was rationed, as they were an easy way to use up a pound of flour, sugar and butter. Today we have plant-based  cake recipes that are also good to slice up and use for trifle or tiramisu.

Vegan pound cake (Full of Plants) recreates the European classic created in the 18th century. You can add optional vanilla, dried fruits or chocolate chips.

Use reusable silicone baking linersKeep recipes away from pets, due to citrus etc. Read up on keeping people & pets safe in the kitchen

Vegan pound cake (School Night Vegan) is a great base cake that you can serve as is, or for ‘sponge fingers’. Richard says it’s very naughty, but he loves it in a bowl with vegan custard!

a lemon (or vanilla) pound cake recipe

This lemon pound cake (Domestic Gothess) can be made as is, but there’s also a recipe variation to turn into a vanilla pound cake.

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