St Paul's eight steps to happiness

St Paul’s Eight Steps to Happiness breaks open the life of this much-loved saint, in a gem of book that reveals eight types of justice, and how you can exercise them in your own life. Each chapter unpacks one of these virtues with a ‘summing up’ section to apply to modern life.

The book also includes handy tables to break down the teachings of St Paul in connection to Sacred Scriptures, for easy references in daily life. Also learn of the six types of grace that are waiting to pour into your life, with practical applications and the fruits that result. ‘Take every thought’ captive, and find happiness by focusing on all that is beautiful, good and true.

about the author

Dr Kevin Vost is a former atheist who became one of the most beloved Catholic authors, before his untimely death at just 62. He also taught psychology and bodybuilding.

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